4 floors of “Monster House” will be demolished

The dominant tribunal of Kiev ruled that the high 4 floors of the so-called monster building on Podil were built in violation of the law and allowed them to collapse. This conclusion officials sought for 5 years. Why do these buildings even appear in Kiev?

What will it be about?

The inglorious Terem, located at 27-29 Rodnaya Val Street and closer, has long been an angry faction in Kiev.

Pavel Kalyuk, an activist, shared the main news about the demolition in his ad . Evidence later appeared on the judicial administration website. The developer was forced to bring down the terrace without outside help at his own expense.

Development name – “Patel Leasing”. The tribunal ruled that the company arbitrarily built 4 floors on top without any permission. The municipal system of generally recognized measures and stereotypes is likely to be violated.

However, the Domovitny Tribunal is, perhaps, only the first instance, because in the forthcoming imprisonment they have every chance to appeal. Then the ship will still be delayed.

For what reasons is it dangerous?

But with the “monster in the hem” drags closer a certain number of years. The essence of Ashot is that the developer arbitrarily built a number of floors to his home. The tall “attic” is a famous general in the middle of a developers course.

However, apart from the external discharge that eclipses the category of the city, Terem has the opportunity to start according to the true risk for the residents of the main city. The Kyiv City Council delegate Olga Balitskaya recently stated that it’s impossible to exist as a member. The tower is located above the metro and several technical networks. If the tower is occupied by people and stuffed with furniture, then it has the opportunity to break through before the territory, she said.

How is it long?

Vladimir Kopot, Monitor.Estate

For the first time in the tribunal, this craft probably arose in 2014, with such a delay in the meeting and conclusions were always postponed. Only in 2019, the discussion of this issue was shifted closer by more than 10 times in accordance with various factors. In addition, the composition of the panel of arbitrators changed more closely every two years.

Monitor.Estate startup founder Vladimir Kopot speaks as if these buildings are due to corruption: permits and other urban planning documents are simply bought. In addition, the control device does not work. For example, permission was given to build secondary schools, and there is an apartment building there. Interest is traditionally directed only by functionaries.

At the same time, the developers themselves rarely react due to damage.

“Today, by the current, I’m hitting only one real option, as soon as the criminal new building to conclude the tribunal was demolished. However, this probably happened due to the lack of a municipal budget in Lviv,” he says.

In Kiev, after all, there is only 1 new building that the tribunal decided to demolish – the Nadezhda residential complex on Dreiser Street.

On the whole, in the city of Moscow, about 26% of apartment buildings are built in the absence of a permit, and another 44% are located in the territories in the absence of an appropriate purpose (for example, how soon a residential complex is being built in the territories for farming). Probably, these personal studies are being monitored. Real estate is based on disclosed data.

According to Vladimir, the legislation in the field of construction is being considered. However, there is no mechanism for attracting developers and public servants to whom appropriate permits are issued for the performance of their duties. “The delegates of the city committee agreed to build an” attic “building on Podil, but for some reason they find the guilty only in the builder,” Vladimir says.


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