Banda is recognized as the best European agency. A bit of company history

This year Ukrainian creative agency Banda immediately took 3 places at the international festival Epica Awards and took 1st place among companies in Eastern and Central Europe. 2nd and 3rd places were taken by Russian agencies BBDO Russia Group and Mosaic Media.

Insoptica (the Health and Beauty group) won the Banda Gold , thanks to which at least some people have the opportunity to test their vision by flipping through Instagram stories. The best in the corporate style group was the revived loyalty program for Goodwine . The agency also arrested silver for the Alcohol and Dictatorship campaign (Retail Services group) for the Bad Boy shopping center.

How it all began?

Creative agency Banda was created in 2011 by Pavel Vrzhesh, Yaroslav Serdyuk and Yegor Petrov. Because of their “dream firm,” they left the autocephalous team of the international marketing agency Leo Burnett. The guys never admitted that their own “gang” appeared even after this, otsedova and title.

She was not formed immediately with customers. The first request came unexpectedly. Bored, the children staged table tennis tournaments. In particular, the competition marketing banner unexpectedly “presented” the main buyer, Puma sportswear figure .

The marketing firm Banda was so successful that in 2012, Puma abandoned it in 6 other states. This year brought the first merit to the gang: Effie Awards Ukraine 2012 called the Agency the most effective in the Moscow Region.

Recall the agency’s most striking projects:

Ukraine NOW

Ukraine NOW

Ukrain NOW is the agency’s largest service, as the brand was invented for promotion across the country. The study showed that our country in the world is compared with 3 not the most positive words: corruption, battle and revolution. In 2018, the leadership decided to rectify the situation and asked to come up with a new logo for the authorities.

“Despite the fact that residents of other countries change their native worldview as soon as they arrive in the suburbs, it is difficult to attract travelers and investors with such fame,” said Pavel Vrzeszcz, Banda creative director during the demonstration.

As conceived by the creators, the main nuance of the brand is the word “NOW” (at the moment). Innovative suburbs and Ukrainians, they are approximately “at the moment ” They are by no means afraid, they work. They do not expect anything, but at the moment they are directly creating the latest companies, modern businesses and creative ideas.

The logo is allowed to be freely downloaded and applied, and those who want to celebrate any thing with it have every chance to visit the online store (at the moment, after that, by the way, bonuses).

Ukrainians themselves now reacted differently to Ukraine. Someone connected the Logos with the famous Russian national hockey team. The rest spoke of his dullness and simplicity.

Despite this, in 2018 the brand received the Red Dot Award . Later, Pavel Vrzesh accepted the fact that the project caused losses to the agency.

Branding Eurovision-2017

Branding for Eurovision 2017

After the victory of the Ukrainian artist Jamala in Kiev, the Eurovision song contest was held for the second time. Banda created the logo with Republique Design Studio. At its core are classic autocephalous beads and grandiose blue colors. And the slogan “celebrate diversity” showed the essence of the competition – to unite these different European powers in a sweet-sounding way.

“We managed to make this visualization in a completely different way, as if it was something completely fresh, something that no one had ever done before,” says Pavel Vrzeszcz about the logo.

Although Ukrainians associated the logo with sausage, croissant and cross-eyed Yulia Tymoshenko, the celebration of diversity nevertheless captured a certain amount of merit. In particular, the service received the Red Dot Awards, and also captured the copper-bronze figurine of Cannes Lions.

The leading Eurovision producer in Kiev, Stuart Barlow, called the Banda service the best because of the whole situation of the competition.

VDNH logo

VDNKh logo

In 2017, the long-term leader of the Kiev Exhibition of Economic Achievements Maxim Bakhmatov worked diligently on the liveliness of the ensemble entrusted to him. He also infected gang workers with his own thought. Artists needed to create the current logo for a space that most residents of the main city closely correlated with Russian architecture and boring exhibitions.

Pasha Vrzesh mentions that they, including during the court case, moved to VDNKh to think about working in the air, chatting with employees and getting inspired. We went there as best we could, as if we were on duty.

In particular, the main share of the logo was the Stalin Empire, which the gang created for free. From the 1st day, as if a person was watching how soon the VDNH square was pleased, there was probably the main pavilion with columns. They are immediately evident.

In the fall of 2017, this Banda service also received the Red Dot award in the Communication Design category, and the head of the public organization “My Vydradny” Anton Osmak developed logos for other Kiev memorabilia in accordance with the theme.



In the winter of 2018, Banda agency organized a rebranding for the State Museum of Fine Arts of the outskirts. Children updated the brand of the museum because of the conditional required amount of 1 thousand hryvnia, since the government could not find the necessary funds. The previous logo was created over 20 years ago.

The gang decided to abandon the unpronounceable abbreviation nhmu and replace it with the English version of the National Art Museum of Ukraine (Namu). Thanks to the rebranding of the museum, they want to attract a young audience, which from time to time goes there.

The main goal of the Banda team is to turn the museum from an old and dusty sage into a still smart, but active, functional, open and intrigued teacher.

The main thing in the work was a fresh font, which in 7 varieties indicates the formation of an autocephalous civilization and art.

Brave! Factory 2018

Brave! Factory 2018

Together with Closer, the famous night club, Banda created the brand of the Brave melodic festival! The plant, which is being conducted at the Kievmetrostroy plant.

The company also created marketing videos with a list of festival actors. A couple of plans in the summer of 2019 had the merit of the same red Dot awards.

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