Than the Apple Card is different from the Ukrainian representatives?

In early August, Apple began to release Apple Card credit charts. Probably a conditional credit card in the warehouse of the Mastercard payment system, the issuer of which is a Goldman Sachs bank. Americans have every chance to apply it everywhere in which place there is Apple Pay.

Editing a chart is allowed through the iPhone or other gadgets with iOS. It is allowed to pay in a trading scheme with the help of a telephone, presenting it to a payment terminal. The company’s massive target is to discourage Apple users from corporal wallets and cash.

Business Insider correspondents outlined their own experiment using the Apple Card in the first week after the launch of the product.

How to get an Apple Card

Apple’s credit chart is saved in the addition of Wallet for iPhone. In silence, users have every chance to save the rest of the card games of other banks (including autocephalous), pay with the help of the Apple Pay mobile payment system, view transaction statistics, take certificates, research boarding passes, discount coupons and almost everything else.

To write out an Apple Card in addition, you need to press the appropriate key and start your own ones. Goldman Sachs issuing bank accepts the conclusion about the release of the game of cards and the amount of the credit limit. As soon as the jar confirms the offer, the numerical chart is more allowed to use. The price due to release and use is lacking. According to the prices of the bench, only interest is charged due to the use of a credit limit.

The number chart is considered a completely self-sufficient payment medicine after where Apple Pay is located. However, if the user needs a body diagram, it is allowed to write it out by adding Wallet.

Apple Card

“The card arrived to me in 5 days. Probably there was the very, most rapid process of eating orders for the purchase of a credit card game, through which I as soon as or slipped through, ”Business Insider journalist outlines his own experiment.

In the outskirts, almost all the benches give a chart remotely, one of the first to introduce this function of the rules is PrivatBank. Monobank, Alpha Bank Outskirts and the rest of the benches give the chart through the addition at the moment.

In the summer of this year, “PrivatBank” threw the likelihood of instant release of a conditional game of cards through Privat24. However, only active bench buyers can use this feature . Such a diagram is also available at Monobank. For settlements in shopping centers and shelters, a conditional diagram must be added to the conditional purse Apple Pay or Google Pay.


Wallet application interface into which the Apple Card is integrated

An Apple Card is reflected on the Wallet’s addition page, in front of it there are extreme transactions, a chat for the relationship with the help work, the amount of the credit limit applied and an appeal about closing it.

Information about acquisitions due to a week is allowed to learn in graphs. The owner of the chart in addition receives that paint, which represents the most-most famous note of the costs of the buyer. For example, if the customer often only uses a chart to pay bills in restaurants, gentlemen and grocery shopping centers, his chart will get an orange tint.

For Americans, it’s probably a revolutionary feature. “Some mobile additions of other banks still systematize your transactions. For this, as the rule, you need to separately occupy and learn statistics. However, you immediately see the Apple Card as if you often only spend your own money, ”writes Business Insider journalist.

The operations specialist in the bulk of autocephalous banking applications looks like a pie chart.

Card design

Payment analytics in Oschad 24/7

The Apple Card body diagram is made of a giant (non-corrosive alloy), it is slightly more difficult than an ordinary plastic one, but nice to discharge and touch. “The diagram, on which only the surname, the Apple logo and the payment chip, look luxurious and minimalist,” says the carrier of the Apple Card.

It is brought in a catchy wrapper of this color, which Apple uses to classify the purchases of the buyer.

Apple Card

In order to activate the diagram, it is necessary to open the Wallet application, press the “activate diagram” key, bring the telephone to the wrapper, as noted in the annotation. The activation function of playing cards will appear on the telephone screen, similar to how the news about the inclusion of slanderers AirPods arises.

Usually premium cards are created from metal. In Ukraine, Monobank and Iron Bank have them, the cards of which are imitated by Universal Bank. In the Monobank application, it is allowed to write an iron diagram because of 2,000 hryvnias.

How to use

Photo from Apple Pay presentation

To use the Apple Card numerical chart through Apple Pay in a separate store, you need to bring the telephone to the payment terminal and authenticate the customer using Face ID ( face scan – approx. Ed. ), Touch ID ( fingerprint scan – approx. Ed. ) or password. For iPhone purchases, Apple Pay is permitted.

In the variant, if the website on which the customer pays for the purchase does not support Apple Pay in any way, it is allowed to make these cards in an elementary way, which are saved in Wallet. These are not visible at all when loading the application immediately. It is necessary to press the button “Information about the diagram” – then it is allowed to see the credit card number, validity period and other information.

The development of Apple Pay, as well as Android Pay, is also intelligible in the Outskirts. According to this, Google, according to the number of contactless payments with the introduction of Android Pay Outskirts, are located in 10 countries of the world. In addition to monetary services, Android Pay in the Outskirts provides the integration of devotion programs, certificates and boarding passes. The main bank that joined Android Pay was PrivatBank, however, due to 2 years, the number of banks is constantly growing.

Retaliation for use

The Apple Card has cashbacks. Due to the online acquisition of the company’s intrigues (Apple Store, iTunes, App Store, Apple Music, iCloud), the user is given 3%, due to contactless acquisitions with the support of Apple Pay – 2%, when using a physiological game, the cashback card composes 1 % of all acquisitions.

Apple Cash app

Cashback is instantly saved in a single section of the addition of Apple Cash. The required recurring amount is allowed to be credited to any chart or used for contactless payments via Apple Pay.

“The Apple Card cashback system may not be as flexible as any South American bench. For example, recurring funds cannot be exchanged for air miles, ”scribbles Business Insider.

“However, taking into account that due to the release and use of the chart it is not at all necessary to pay, Apple’s cashbacks are one of the most interesting in the United States,” the creator of the ad is not out of court.

“For example, the American Express Blue Cash Preferred chart alienates a 6% discount on acquaintance for specific USA streaming services and supermarkets with a purchase of $ 6,000 a year, and gives 3% cashback due to transportation costs. Chart Capital One Venture due to any purchase will accrue to buyers 2 air miles. However, the service of two charts is satisfied at $ 95 per year, ”says the creator of the ad.

Monobank gives one of the most interesting cashbacks in the Outskirts – 20% in bonded bonuses on the type of acquisition. The return occurs in the form of real funds, which are immediately allowed to be wasted.

PrivatBank has a Bonus Plus system. With discounts due to the acquisition, it is allowed to pay for subsequent purchases.

The remaining autocephalous benches include cashbacks situationally, as part of advertising energies, for surveys of postcard goods and for acquisition polls. For example, “Tascombank” gives various credit cards with various cashbacks: if the chart is for ladies, a return of 3% from purchases on putties, if the chart is for older people – 2% from purchases at the pharmacy.


“One of the advantages of the Apple Card is that if someone accidentally or specially acquired the perfect information about your diagram in addition, you can immediately make this number a game of cards dilapidated and immediately ask for a fresh one, rushing into the work of Apple’s help, which is intelligible 24 hours a day. Further, it is allowed to resume using one’s own chart in the absence of fear, ”the correspondent says.

Hidden these card games, customer identification and verification of acquisitions with the support of Face ID and Touch ID developments, the likelihood of simultaneously dumping the current number of playing cards and asking for fresh ones provide this product with indispensable advantages over ordinary banking “plastic”. The developers of the Apple Card say that they don’t cherish the inside of the company about how and where the customer spends their own money, and they don’t give it to 3 people in any way.

If the customer loses the chart, he does not need to fall down the bench for a long time on the hot strip, just go into the application and determine the status of the game “Lost” cards. If, after all, the buyer is losing both the diagram and the telephone, you need to ring the Apple Card to work or use another iOS device to pay the balance and say card theft about theft.

Ukrainian banks have not yet invented such a function of instant dumping a hotel playing cards and generating a new one. However, “advanced” mobile applications have long provided the possibility of editing the chart by adding, turning on and off additional services, effectively connecting to the help work, including the amount and blocking the chart in the form of its loss. For example, such a function is available in Privat24, Monobank, Alfa-Bankochka Okraina, Oschad 24/7 and others.

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