What is known about the partnership between Allset and Google?

Ukrainian company Allset and Google are now partners. Startup exercises a service for the fixed distribution of mirror glasses in the USA. Now their offers are allowed to use through Google Maps.

The first step was from Allset

Allset is probably a startup based in Ukraine, it operates in the USA. The team is studying the study of a similar application, with the support of which people have every chance of intending to visit a restaurant. Choose a shelter, fill out an application and pay. That way you can save time without waiting for the Chaldean, food or check.

According to the words of the company, most Americans are looking for restaurants nearby specifically with the support of Google Maps. Now, if they pick up the shelter with which Allset operates, they will notice the button “Find the mirror”. By clicking on it, it is allowed to order space through Allset.

Screen the Google the Maps

The team says that a scam will significantly increase the number of customers. Moreover, joint work is free of charge, as it is cost-effective for two teams, including restaurants.

“We ourselves rushed to Google with the thought, because we realized that the names would probably become curious. We will get more users, and they are another 1 necessary function, ”they say in Allset.

Negotiations between the sides lasted about a month. Startup CEO Stas Matvienko actually ran into the Google Maps team in their office in New York.

About Ukrainian company

At present, 1.7 thousand restaurants in 11 USA towns are included in the Allset system. The company operates with shelters BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse, Buffalo Wild Wings in New York, Chin Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and others.

The company was created by Ukrainians Stas Matvienko and Anna Polishchuk. At the moment, Allset has 2 rooms: in Kiev and Chin Francisco, tech. The research team in Ukraine.

The co-founders team Allset

For all autocephalous employees who have been active in the company for more than a year, the company prepares visas and sends them for an internship in the USA. According to the words of Stas, it’s probably better to understand the last names, how the business works and who the startup buyers are.


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