What will happen to the owners if UkrBud does not build 26 houses?

The company “Ukrbud” has stopped construction on the bulk of its own facilities. In the absence of housing, there is every chance of remaining a certain number of 10 thousand Ukrainians who have acquired living space in these houses.

What will it be about?

Since the summer of 2019, Ukrbud has stopped the construction of the service at 26 of its own facilities, apartment ensembles in various regions of Kiev. In the center of them are such residential complexes as Park Plain, Solar City, Academy Park and others.

In addition, according to the information of the functionaries, the Main Directorate for the implementation of the company on Pushkinskaya Street does not work.

On November 23, an active category published a petition on the website of the President of Ukraine. People suspect that the funds they invested in construction are stolen. The head of the country was asked to create a working category and resolve this issue.

Frostbite objects are at different stages of construction – some of them were put into operation more tightly, but they were not included in the communication.

Only in these houses 13 thousand apartments. However, there may be even more victims , functionaries say, since the family does not eat continuously from a single person. 1 apartment has the opportunity to be brought to a family of 3 people. Then the number of victims immediately increases significantly.

For comparison, about 2 thousand people suffered in the famous “top-center” fraud.

How do potential apartment residents comment on this?

We talked with Vladimir Kovalchuk, an adherent of the active category of players. It contains 42 people from various residential complexes “Ukrbuda”. All of them have invested in the construction of one or another necessary amount.

Vladimir speaks as if it’s hard for him to say how much money a possible resident of Wotan invested in the usual way: the buildings are located in different parts of the city, and housing prices are then different.

But this implies that about 1 million UAH is invested in an ordinary family. He himself bought in installments an apartment in the apartment of the ensemble “Academ Park” in Svyatoshinsky district. Its area is 75 square meters. m., It was limited to 1.5 million USD.

Vladimir also talks about how they were warned about the untimely delivery of housing in the message. For various LCD-oriented stories surrounding various terms.

For example, the first section of his apartment ensemble should be commissioned in June 2019. In July, he received a letter stating that this date is postponed for a year. A prerequisite for this was documentation difficulties.

They either did not react at all to the subsequent demands of the future residents, or answered the government – they scribbled as if everything was familiar and the construction was on schedule.

“However, we believe that this is most likely not the case. According to the schedule, the former are obliged to become closer to the window to the sample, and they are already close,” says Vladimir.

Players also crossed paths with the developer, but he got rid of them with a single tirade like “We’re working on a contract.”

At the moment, they have registered personal and corporate appeals to the Presidential Administration, created a petition. And on December 5, they intend to hold a rally on Bank Street: refuseniks are required to grab old family slippers to solve them in front of the president’s office. “Keep your hands off your slippers because you still don’t have enough living space,” they say.

How to comment on this situation in Ukrbud

According to Ukrbud’s press work, all ensembles under construction are going to be given to other Moscow developers. Verbal agreements with them are already available. Now the corresponding order has been given to the authorities.

In their press work, they still say that they included all administrative, state and socio-political barriers to the completion and occupation of buildings in the law.

The work of the press does not explain what kind of barrier it is. As a well-known source, Votan from Ukrbud employees, told us, the company submitted a number of applications to the municipal construction inspectorate, but they do not want to hypnotize the buildings used, do not explain the circumstances and do not react in any way.

After coordinating the instructions with the authorities in the press service of Ukrbud, they promise to sign the necessary papers and deliver the location map before the end of this year.

Who will get these buildings, and for how long will the construction be delayed?

Our spring at Ukrbud said, if adopted, then because of plans for a more closely agreed Intergal-Bud. The main limitation was to take control of all the objects, and not just the most interesting ones, and finish the construction.

This is because spring told us that the delay in delivery for any LCD will be different: in the usual 3 to 6 months (in slavery from the complexity of the subject).

He also ensures that all arrangements with the players remain real. Everything seems to be happening at the moment – probably the replacement of the developer, as provided for by the legislation of the outskirts. The construction fund guarantees that everyone will receive their own living space.


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