and Karabas about 500 million UAH of losses and tax, which “charges in advance”

On the outskirts, concert instructors had difficult periods due to quarantine: events were postponed, funds due to certificates had to be provided, and a tax would be charged from hundreds of thousands of hryvnias.

What happened

On the outskirts of quarantine extended, now it will continue until April 24. Because of this, the learning process has stalled, cinema halls and shopping centers have closed. Global events came before the ban, and this probably means that all performances were postponed.

Contemplators massively hand over certificates, cost ticket instructors with a desire to return the funds. But, according to , this is most likely unrealistic.

Firstly, the instructors spent a lot of weighty drugs on the announcement of the action. In other words, the instigators of events gave part of the money to pay deposits to actors, to a fixed distribution of hotels, fees for concert venues and advertising information.

500 mln. UAH . of damage

The melodic industry was by no means ready for such trials. According to the managing director of Dmitry Feliksov , the branch has the opportunity to receive about 500 million UAH .

Dmitry Feliksov . Photo source: Facebook personal page

High Happy took quarantine with force majeure circumstances, as if allowing it to perform for legitimate reasons. Therefore, the all-Ukrainian connection of melodic phenomena rushed to domination due to the permission to use universally recognized measures of force majeure.

“It remains to decide how soon a new date will be set, and to say so to contemplators who have acquired certificates. We need to transfer sales from the dead center in order to fill the hall, ”explains Dmitry Feliksov, manager .

Currently, the instigators of performances are in talks with clerks of actors, airlines, travel representatives, hotels, concert venues and other agents.

Taxes on more than one million hryvnias

Maxim Plakhtiy , founder of the Karabas ticket service, knows that tax, for strange reasons, does not make any tax unprofitable agents ( tax is unprofitable for a client who is a VAT payer – approx. Ed. ). And probably led to the accrual of 450 thousand. UAH . Value added tax.

Maxim Plakhtiy . Photo source: Facebook personal page

“Sooner or later, these funds will actually be taken into account, but at the moment, perhaps, illegal tax collection is taking place in advance,” Plakhtiy explains .

There is also a tax that Plakhty calls stupid – for repatriation. He is credited by the coordinator before paying the foreign actor’s fee . The amount of tax is 900 thousand UAH .

“Since the certificate of tax payment was received and sent, the application was postponed, there is no need to pay the fee more carefully. And she threw tax at home! In the future, they are allowed to be considered, but at the moment, it may be illegal to collect taxes in advance, ”says the founder of Karabas.

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