David Brown and his attitude towards Abkhazia

In the new issue of the Young Business Club blog, Courageous Ostapchuk talked to David Brown, co-founder of Template Monster, a big favorite according to the implementation of Internet templates.

The businessman told how he had finished his position with the Arabian sheikh, why the partners were the most important in the business sector and because of how much he sold his own company.

David Brown about himself

At age 14, I made my first $ 100 money trading notebooks in the bazaar. At 18, he acted as an administrator in a web cafe and earned $ 20 per month. At the age of 20, he was engaged in business consulting and management in offline businesses.

Later he founded the company Templatemonster, which over 14 years has become one of the global favorites in accordance with the implementation of Internet templates. We have implemented more than 1.5 million templates more closely, and the monthly popularity of the website exceeds 5 million people with only a lattice.

At the age of 35, I sold the company for $ 100 million. For that episode, we had 650 employees and offices in 17 states. At the moment, I am engaged in the creation of a personally large franchise in the world, making websites with a Weblium engineer, and I am helping startups.

About participating in the founding of Template Monster

My companions with whom I created Template Monster are internal. One of them is Ukrainian, the second is American. The web is missing about this information, I have never touched them in any way.

So I came to Template Monster as a hired employee. He appeared more closely, but he was 3 days old. According to this, I acted in consulting in offline business. Then it looked to me like digital is some kind of nonsense.

There were a number of circumstances, which is why I was later recommended to start as a co-owner. Firstly, there was still no way to separate. 2nd – due to 2-3 days, a good result came out, which was ahead of our most undaunted hopes. That way we concluded the position, however, quite on aristocratic rules, that is, we have practically no contracts. And the rest of the plans hurt that way after all.

On the struggle in Abkhazia

For the struggle we had a tower in the slides, another 1 – on the beach, 2 cars. We existed very well.

The most difficult thing during the fight was a sudden hurt attack, as soon as I left the castle with my guardians. Wash the founder existed as the commander of the district counteraction. He fell captive, and we redeemed him. They gave cash, of which the building existed. Literally, I don’t forget, but we paid $ 50 thousand in the region. We took it to the river somewhere on the founder’s night, and we took it away.

Later we lugged, the funds were not enough. In what place they allowed to live for free, after that they remained. At first I went to Penza, where my mother’s girlfriend called us, and later to Riga. And later it turns out that our distant relatives are departing for Kamchatka and we can live in Nikolaev.

What did the partner teach?

If you hadn’t washed your companion in any way, I wouldn’t have reached even fifty percent. I think that he is also in the absence of me. That’s why I’m because of comradeship in the commercial, and not because of a single bathing.

I have a lot of thoughts, I’m creative and I can just defocus. And I also suffer from such as if I’m soon starting to learn something, for example, new content or new mechanics. Soon I will understand how it will probably act, and lose enthusiasm.

Wash your companion, on the contrary, completely focused. He has the ability to declare “committing” – and we commit. And later, any hurt will know: “As if with this, but with that?” He’s like a checklist. So we are buddy buddy add.

About close friends

I have 3 very short-sighted buddies. 1st – wash your classmate and more crowns. He is invited by Dima Goncharuk. We formed an auspiciousness, so it’s as if we stepped up, as soon as no one seemed to owe anything to anyone.

After this, probably because of the treatment of a huge number of people, my friendliness did not work out. There are friendly affairs. For example, with Anton Cherkasov, with whom we conduct the Telegram channel Sales Hero. We have close business with him, our families are also friendly. Well, wash your business companion, whose last name is impossible to speak. We have been known with him since 20 years.

Cases, business and home, are probably a process, because of them you need to run. There should be an item in your checklist: as if I arranged for the main players, partners, buyers. If nothing suits you at all, it means a flaw. At times, the flooring will probably be overgrown with weeds. If you can’t rule news in any way, business will not work.

Commercial Illusions

Entrepreneurs often exist in the world of appearances. Here are the children from the Young Business Club thinking that life has turned out like they are seeing a 100% rise any year. They don’t forget that it used to be 50 thousand, and at the moment 100 thousand. And how soon do you ask them questions: “How much has the bazaar grown?” They respond, as if they did not understand. As it turned out, as if the bazaar had grown by 200% – on the very-most craft you are half-developed. It’s completely unprincipled, with any agility you grow up – the main thing is the rise according to the news to rivals and the bazaar.

I will probably associate it with a marathon. Imagine that you ran a distance of 4 hours before, and now 3 hours and 40 minutes .. Talk: “I’m handsome.” However, probably all the others ran it because of 2 hours, which means that you are extreme at the finish line. In commercials, probably not in any way; the numbers of other firms are not recognized by you. Specialist according to certain areas of fuzzy. And you have no way to see all the runners around.

However, I’m probably not talking in any way with the target to inject someone into depression, but I call to exist truthfully with myself. If there is little agility, it is necessary to keep a focus-hocus on ideas on how to buy it. How can I feed, practice, pull on mentors and instructors? Here companionship decides almost everything.

Mentality model

I am extremely inquisitive. And to some extent adventurous. From time to time, I’m probably hindered, but more often, it rewards me. They give me: go to the gathering of the community of misanthropes. Including, I don’t understand at all who is likely, but I will go down and find out after that about everything, ask people around. I constantly had a very well-educated experience of functional discussion. Probably a good experience, I advise you to attend courses in accordance with its formation.

I’m quite curious to get to the bottom of the matter, ask a person about everything. Has the opportunity to appear, as if probably talkative. However, I probably did quite a few times, and now I have a file cabinet in my head in which mental models of various people recline: from a homeless person to a civil servant of a higher rank.

And as soon as I greet the person now, I take out a card that is very close to him. And I feel comfortable right away, as I build up its grille head, plus or minus. I can say that it drives him, that he fears and so on. Therefore, I feel comfortable with everyone, including criminal prestige.

This is how I train our merchants. They jingle, pronounce content about the website and hang up. I find out: “And who probably existed?”, They reply: “Well, probably Alexander, he is studying honey with offers.” And some – for some reason. Then I say: “You can’t realize anything.”

You have to make it clear that it’s probably because of medical services: he has his own hospital or agency, how old he has been in commercials, what kind of targets he has. Then it’s easier to implement, since you have the opportunity to tell a person that the website will undoubtedly help him achieve his goals. And if you can’t imagine them in any way, then you simply speak out of place.

UAE and Ukraine made a deal right at the stand

We have 1 more business – the largest-largest leader in combat drones in the outskirts. Once I went to Dubai for the first time to an exhibition of weapons and for the first time in the annals of the UAE and the Outskirts I ended up directly on the shield. In the absence of every tender, in the absence of nothing, I implemented a sheikh agreement.

There is such a movie “Hologram for the overlord.” He’s about how hard the business news is with Arabs. They really never get anything at once. And then we also had a very small shield, which deserved $ 50 thousand, and Lockheed Martin and Boeing were hanging around. And I realized that if there was no way to accomplish magic, then he would simply pass by and would never see us in any way.

I understood his mental model presumably, it is similar to the model of the other first faces of the country. They all want something from them: take a picture, talk and so on. And at the exhibition, he walks elementarily between the shields: the environment is led by the overlord. If a person breaks this pattern, he will be interested.

I ran out onto the pedestal, rules beckoning him to our shield. He shook his right hand, rather than immediately failed to keep the leader. Then I said: “Do you have a precious machine? Did you see that they are all made of carbon? Probably necessary for lightness and speed. This drone is made of carbon. ” I took the lid from the drone and gave it to Paks. Therefore, as if, if he somehow possesses in his right hand, he will not go any closer.

So I became interested in his interest, and later I needed to give him some kind of desire. However, the Sheikh has everything, including horrors. I say: “God forbid, your battle will begin. And can you imagine what will happen? You will have quite a lot of funds, but because of them nothing will become impossible to acquire. They have every chance to rinse the embargo and so on. ” Here, after all, I bring a sample of the Outskirts and explain that it is necessary to make a native creation inside the state. During the struggle, the means have no meaning, and the product has the meaning.

Then I said: “Ask my neighbors, Lockheed Martin and Boeing, if they will be able to reveal your native creation.” They will give an answer as if it’s true, but they will probably borrow 10-12 years and earn a lot of money. I can probably make it in 2 years and much cheaper, and it will probably work out, so it’s as if we ourselves made it for ourselves. He was interested and invited me to a demonstration.

However, we categorically refused, and as I explained to him the native conclusion: “You are a wealthy person, you are currently wandering around the exhibition and will come to an agreement on almost all the demonstrations with other companies. It’s better to buy this ensemble, and I will show you everything on your planes. ”

He deserves $ 750 thousand, but then the manifestation will be in 2 weeks. He agreed, and an hour later a lot of flushed generals flew up to us with the words, “They told us to buy probably right now.” At the moment, we have a long contract with them, we open their factory. Everything, as if we were, we commit.


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