Evacuation of a Ukrainian student from Wuhan did not go very smoothly

In the new Sanjar, at the moment there are Ukrainians and residents of other countries who have evacuated their citizens. They are accompanied by doctors, flight crew and drivers.

Our editorial board spoke with a student from the suburbs who refused to go to Wuhan for a year to learn an unfamiliar language. The woman wanted to remain anonymous, but she told us in detail about the evacuation, about life during the panzotia in Wuhan and about the reaction of the refuseniks.

Blocked Exits and Celestial Food

On January 23, Wuhan was covered, and the shelter was completely covered for a week. We learned that in our region there are many options for the disease, and decided to save us. Despite this, the campus was quite serene in its equipment.

Food was delivered to us right on the street, and we paid for it. However, the diet did not include fruits, vegetables or meat. Mostly after this former snacking, strange food, moisture and some kind of household chemicals. In fact, my stomach started to hurt, and my face was covered with it. That’s why I only ate rice in the main restaurant.

Autocephalous leadership gave only information about the evacuation, and that’s all. Later, those who are evacuated will receive 250 yuan ( about 860 hryvnia-approx. Ed. For purchases before departure. However, it would be better to help with the products, since we have not published anywhere and there was no way to spend money on them.

Preparing for the evacuation

On January 26, we were informed from the mission that they intend to evacuate us. Gave a couple of days to accept the conclusion. However, we were by no means told where we would stop in the suburbs, how we would get there, how they would check us. Because of this, almost everyone categorically refused to evacuate, they were afraid of becoming infected. I was categorically refused to wash my classmate, with whom I flew from the outskirts.

The flight was scheduled for February 10. I have collected all the prophetic papers. However, the evacuation was postponed until February 11. We found a ferryman who was supposed to take us out of the city. Divided into categories. However, in this case, the leadership did not focus on the plane and did not prepare the space in which we are obliged to be. Therefore, the evacuation was carried out again on February 18, and later again on the 19th.

To leave Wuhan, you must have with you a foreign identity document signed by us on the basis of a contract for evacuation and isolation. It was written in patterns, as if we had been introduced to everything. However, there was no perfect notice, and we had no idea where they would take us.

How the evacuation of Wuhan-Kharkov slipped

We told the asylum authorities that we were leaving because nobody was allowed into the campus. We were led to the gates in categories and sowed in huge biblios.

We were taken to the airport, where we went through all the inspection points. The Chinese side has figured out how we feel. Only 4 people were not allowed due to the high temperature. Upon entering the plane, we conducted an inspection of the Ukrainian side.

When we boarded, it was already midnight. We were given water, an antiseptic, masks, which for some 3 hours needed to be changed. We also gave a sheet with a route schedule: Wuhan-Almaty-Kiev. We refuel in Almaty. However, later the last spot changed, and we refused to accept it. At the beginning of the flight, we were fed with buns, later we were only given nuts, bars and water.

Because of the fog, we soared another hour and a half, and then landed in Kiev. We were treated to sandwiches, and we refused to return to Kharkov. Our customer took 17 hours .

Minibuses, outdoor toilet and rally

Upon arrival in Kharkov, we were again discovered with temperature, dropped off in a bibliobus and taken in an incomprehensible direction. They did not tell us where we were going. We drove about 5 hours along the Sanjar road. They moved in a long column of bibliobuses and cars.

There was moisture in the bibliobuses in the bottles, which was enough for everyone, but not enough sandwiches. We made 2 pendants for the bathroom, but they were elementary on the highway. We learned: “where to go?”, And the driver replied: “right, left, wherever you want.” Everyone is in shock, but there was no choice.

As soon as we arrived, it got even darker. They immediately realized that we were in the newest Sanjars, so this circus, which then began, was visible from afar. We arrived and began to move more slowly due to the crowd of people. Access to the bibliobus was disclosed, it was easy to approach us, wanting to stay in the space of law enforcement officers.

Everything seemed to be normal, we traveled a lot, but then they did a jog because of the bibliobus. I noticed these angry faces, and it was not in my spirit. We closed the windows to see if this was enough to get a name in your head. And then I saw that people began to grab pebbles from Pax. In just a couple of minutes. I heard them throw them into the bibliobus.

Most of the passengers sat in the aisle and were left behind, afraid that the throwers would fly apart and hit us. So we got to the sanatorium, where we were allowed to attach according to the order. After that, there was no harm in coming closer.

News about the crew and rest after

The crew and doctors treated us unsurpassed, there was not the slightest rudeness in any case. It was quiet enough. In the bibliobuses, the drivers’ area was protected by film, and they had no contact with us. They were masked. At the moment, the staff will be near us.

I cannot reveal the details of isolation until we get out of there. As soon as we arrived in Wuhan, we put our signature on the act.

I did not receive any injuries from my disobedience, only mental sediment remained. We former bosses were completely tired after that only, if they were stretched out, also such a meeting. I thought that everything would become familiar, so it doesn’t look like we live in a still age. It was really terrible how soon they started throwing stones, and we had to sit in the aisle.

After our arrival, the inhabitants of the last Sanjar calmed down, no one else touches them.


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