Flawless App sold to American investors

Flawless App is an iOS device for developers, which allows you to compare the predicted design and the real application in the simulator. Now, on February 11, startup founder Lisa Dziuba announced that they were bought by Abstract South American . She told the newspaper AIN.UA about it and reported on social networks.

Our editor really contacted the co-founder of the plan and found out how he probably works in the Ukrainian team, and now they will begin to study inside.

Briefly about the perfect application

Flawless App appeared in 2015, it was created by Lisa Dziuba and Ahmet Suleiman. The device connects the predicted design of the application with the present: it integrates into the iOS simulator as a plug-in . Perhaps it allows you to fix design errors in real delay mode.

Founders Lisa Dziuba and Ahmet Suleiman. Photo source: personal archive

The inventory is used by the creators of Disney , Uber , Nike , Washington Post , eBay , Qiwi and other companies.

In addition to the real Flawless app, the team created 2 more products: Reduce (to combine large Sketch files ) and Flawless Feedback (to explain existing iOS apps ).

They also threw 3 plans for society: their own blog on the environment, the use of device design Awesome Design Tools and the weekly newsletter Design Tools Weekly Newsletter .

MacPaw founder Alexander Kosovan was invested in the plan , and Flawless went to Techstars . In 2018, Techstars London regarded the startup as $ 2 million.

Who is the customer and how was he found?

Abstract was created in 2015 to help artists design work. The founders decided that they needed more help than tools with a choice of brushes for painting.

Lisa Dziuba. Photo source: personal archive

Annotation allows you to act according to one plan with the team in real time, coordinate processes. Probably a version control system that simplifies maintenance when changing information.

Founders of Flawless met with a client to create a universal plan, “How Design Firms Create Societies.”

“We did a lot of research on how design firms create societies. Abstract existed as one of the design firms in our study. Perhaps this was the first spot in our circulation, ”Liza Dziuba knows.

The scam with the South American company Abstract occurred on December 31, 2019, right on New Year’s Eve. As Tatyana told the editors of MC. Today, the negotiation process is not complicated.

“On the part of Abstract , there was a very experienced clerk in accordance with the formation of commercialism with more than 20 years of experience in mergers and acquisitions fraud ( merger and merger fraud – author’s comment). Therefore, the process itself existed as usual, ”Dziuba knows.

The startup did not say exactly how much time was delayed in the negotiations, but they say that in accordance with measures to study fraud in the mergers and acquisitions, everything soon passed.

“Usually these frauds last from 6 months to 2 years each (for large firms). We had a lot more than 6 months, ”says Lisa Dziuba.

How will the team act?

The whole Flawless team works more closely at Abstract , they have not released anyone and will not.

“ We have a remote service in Abstract , literally because it was in the“ Flawless Application ”. Vova Berezovsky, dumping Gavrilyuk, and I work from Kiev, and Ahmed from London. Maybe the new office of our company will quickly turn into Ukraine , ”says Lisa Dziuba.

The team believes that Abstract Scam is probably the perfect companion for a Flawless Application. Criticism of the autocephalous startup and resources of the South American company will bring design and research as close as possible.

How work will be different

Founders Lisa Dziuba and Ahmet Suleiman. Photo source: personal archive

Liza Dziuba knows that those processes and systems that have been used by developers more closely for 10 years are equally suitable for device design, and Abstract is an appropriate platform to lead this shift in the industry.

“ We are working on the Abstract SDK software package . This will allow developers to more easily integrate Abstract into their own systems. In the end, it looks like it automates a lot of the usual design tasks, ”explains the co-founder of the Flawless App .

In addition to the service on top of the SDK, the team will improve the society of artists and developers, now at the highest level. Lisa promises that all past plans will continue to be destroyed: Awesome Tools , Design Tools weekly , Flawless iOS Medium blog .

The Flawless App will be an open source plan – the creators will open the source code and publish detailed documentation on the application.


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