Gismart has reached 500 million downloads and is looking for people in the team

Gismart is a Belarusian-English developer and publisher of moving entertainment. The company entered the TOP 10 of the fastest growing companies in Europe, and their fun has grown more than 500 million times. In December 2019, the company announced the invention of an office in Kiev, because now it works and employees are being sought after in the state.

What is Gismart?

The company publishes mobile phone applications such as Cool Goal !, Domino Smash, Piano Crush, Go Drums, Physics Puzzle Idle and others. Offices are located in Minsk, London, Beijing, and now in Kiev. The company employs about 300 people.

In 2020, Gismart entered the TOP 10 fastest growing enterprises in Europe according to the Financial Times FT1000 . It is joined by more modern and fast-growing European firms. That is, over the past 3 years, the company grew by almost 9000%, and in 2018 its profit grew by $ 70 million.

Gismart. Photo source: company official Facebook page

What is the mission of Gismart

Application from Gismart. Photo source: company official Facebook page

Gismart has 3 main areas of service: creating hyperspace and random fun ( jokes with elementary rules postponed for a global audience – approx. Ed. ), The study of extraneous video games ( for the publisher – approx. Ed. ) And funny melodic additions.

As part of an extreme study, the company closely helps with melodic work and has completed fraud with the world’s largest brands – Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG), Sony / ATV and Warner Chappell.

Gismart helps with actors directly. They contact harpers in existing products, and also post the latest additions and fun to actors.

Who is wanted in the brigade in Kiev

The other day, an office in the center of Kiev managed its own service, it was located in the Leonardo business center . The company more carefully selects a team of developers, game artists, producers and other specialists.

“Having received a conclusion on the invention of the office in Kiev, we first looked at the availability of quality criticism of geydev ( game dev is the most suitable specialist in the field of research – ed. ). We work with a huge number of studios on the outskirts and we know that there are many studios of professional professionals in the gaming industry in the district, ”explains Dmitry Lipnitsky, co-founder and director of Gismart.

Gismart office in Kiev . Photo source: Gismart

The portfolio will continue as part of the recovery strategy until 2020, and the Gismart autocephalous office will specifically study with the latest entertainment.

Currently, there are 10 people working in the Kiev office, whose staff is planned to be increased by 50. For this episode , the positions of the game producer, lead artist, Unity lead developer, project manager and others are revealed .

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