Khmelnitsky and Gorovoy open an outsourcing company

The founder of the UFuture business category, Vasily Khmelnitsky and the ruling partner Insoft Partners Life Gorova, created the joint company InSoft Software. She will suck IT firms from 30 to 300 people and exercise software in front of the key. The target of companions is to combine monetary abilities and relationships at the international bazaars of Khmelnytsky, criticism and money of Gorovoy and create on the Ukrainian flooring a newly minted large outsourcer, such as Ciklum.

In what case ?

Vasily Khmelnitsky

Vital talks, as if they had been known with Vasily Khmelnitsky for about a year and a half. They have a more cooperative plan X.Teams – probably a service center at the UNIT Factory warehouse, which helps students and graduates of secondary programming schools to find jobs and leave their business.

From this collaboration came the idea to create InSoft Software. The plan decided to work in the guise of a common company, and not a fund. However, according to the words of a businessman, it probably does not mean that the other partners will not become silent.

Both Vasily and Vitalny invested their own funds in the plan, but how much specifically and how the parts were divided, they are not installed at all. InSoft Partners will respond due to the search and acquisition of companies, and also due to operator management – Vitaly previously had an experiment in managing the InSoft Capital niche fund, which over the past 3 years blocked a number of frauds, connecting the implementation of Core Value to the South American OakTree Capital fund Management. UFuture will help with contacts and wanted partners.

Vitaliy Gorovoy

“Our primary target is to create a large investor in an outsourcing bazaar: the relative fresh Ciklum. However, I and Vasily adore experiments with business models, therefore we allow that everything is likely in the future, for example, with the creation of niche critics or mixed models, ”says Zhiznny.

The company will begin to spin up in quantity due to the beginning of the merger of the remaining outsourcing firms – from 20-30 to 300 people. And then – to connect them into 1 texture InSoft Software, which will learn to create software products in front of the key, then there is from the source and at the end. The company more closely got audit packages of promotions of 2 firms. Probably Lenal, who studies Internet research, and Rozdoum, who exercises software.

After acquiring the latest assets and after such as the company will go into the texture of InSoft Software, all its external business processes will “fit” into the collective model, however, the inborn collective civilization of different offices has the opportunity to vary.

Back in InSoft Software, they’ll start working with startups. Those who are able to write to their company a perfect or selective study of the product or MVP, then there is little viable product. The property of the board is the portion in the plan. However, the service is not intelligible in any way to all plans, but only to those who are believed in InSoft Software. The price of such a study has the ability to reach several hundred thousand bucks.

Who are these Khmelnitsky and Gorovoy

Vasily Khmelnitsky is a former delegate and businessman, the founder of the innovative garden Unit City and the investment category UFuture.

Life Gorovoy is the ruling companion of InSoft Partners, the investment ruling firm, which invests in IT firms and plans, and also manages them.

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