Ilon Mask incorrectly called Kiev: consequences

Elon Musk said that he was planning to cover the whole of Europe with Tesla Supercharger fueling devices. The outskirts are still entering into these intentions.

What’s the matter?

Yesterday, the head of the committee of directors of Tesla Inc. Elon Musk wrote in his own Twitter that he wanted to cover Tesla Supercharger with fueling devices all over Europe – from Ireland to Kiev and from Norway to Turkey.

Autocephalous users of the Twitter social network not only rejoiced at the announcements, but also managed to correct Mask’s oversights. He was shown on the domestic transliteration of the name of the town of Kiev in his tweet and asked to scribble correctly: Kyiv. And including the hashtag #KyivnotKiev. In protest at one of the entries, Elon Musk prescribed that he “realized”.

In what place Musk will build stations

In the middle of the designed spaces for the location of gas stations in the outskirts, 2 specks were observed: Zhytomyr and the village of Oparipsy, Rivne region. This information is comprehensible on a station map on the Tesla Superchargers website.

Fragment of the map of the location of the charging stations Tesla Supercharger

Why is it for Ukraine?

Nazar Shimone-David

Nazar Shimone-David, the manager of Tesla Club Ukraine, believes that the presence of the official Tesla gas stations is a fundamental social and political step on the part of Tesla Inc.

Probably talking first of all about the fact that the company wants to increase in the outskirts.

If these gas stations are to be delivered to the state, Tesla Inc., faster, only declares its own official stay in the outskirts, opens a consulate. After this, it seems likely to use the service, the official will realize intelligible implementation of electric cars.

The process of the apparatus of such gas stations is quite difficult, therefore, as if they are urgently asking for great strength (120 kW / h). However, similar difficulties exist in no way only in the Outskirts. For Poland, Germany and other countries, the process is probably still a very laborious one.

Nazar Shimone-David that as if the demand for these gas stations has the ability to exist is quite large. Accordingly, Tesla Club Ukraine, in the Outskirts of Tesla owners of electric cars is 6 times more than in Poland.

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