Because of what Veterano Pizza was subjected to a mass hat

The incident between blogger Anatoly Shariy and the founder of the veteran pizzeria Leonid Ostaltsev has been flaring up on social networks for several days. Shari accuses Ostaltsev of looting and heresy, while Ostaltsev speaks of an information attack on Veterano Pizza’s social networks. Is it really so?

What will we talk about?

On Wednesday, February 5, the blogger and diplomat East Shari wrote scandalous content about the founder of the “veteran” group Leonid Ostaltsev. As a result, Cherie practically accuses Leonid of looting. The blogger writes that Leonid returned from the battle “on the Infiniti QX56 with money to invent a restaurant.”

Ostaltsev gave explanations before the announcement – he wrote that he received funds from the player from the restaurant, and Infiniti bought a used car for $ 9.5 thousand, which he borrowed from friends.

Publication by Anatoly Shariy and commentary by Leonid Ostaltsev

Immediately after the announcement on the Veterano Pizza shelter page in Google Maps and Facebook, negative reviews began to appear. Ostaltsev called them an attack on his own business and announced that the company would resume all real criticism.

In the comments of MK today, Ostaltsev said that the storm did not manage to receive unfavorable responses:

“At the moment we are receiving negative reviews on social networks, trying to reset the site with germs and making fake requests. Because of the extreme days there were about 50 of them. We argue more closely with reviews – these people are not real, the critics are false, so we are convinced that we will win and rebuild everything. ”

According to Ostaltsev, the announcement on Anatoly Sharia’s page is related to an interview that Leonid gave to Channel 5 on February 1. In silence, he unflatteringly commented on the politician Andrei Portnov: ” We substitute not only Lomachenko, Saika, tailor, Bogdan and the rest of the monkeys like them. There are a huge number of noble people who think that this comes from the state. 

Leonid is convinced that East Shari is connected with Portnov and that the announcement factor is precisely in the interview.

Publication of Leonid Ostaltsev

Immediately after answering them, bad comments began to appear on Leonid’s own Facebook page.

Negative comments on the page of Leonid Ostaltsev

Who throws reviews?

Team of platforms for media forecasting and social networks SemanticForce for MC. Today reviewed all reviews about Veterano Pizza, starting in 2019.

The results confirm Leonid’s words: the last 2 days on the asylum page is really a mentally ill energy aimed at lowering the asylum rating on Google maps.

Infographic SemanticForce

For all of 2019, Veterano Pizza has identified 14 critics with 1 star. Because in 2 days, starting from the episode with the source of incendiary Sharia and Ostaltsy, there were 16 such critics, that is, more than for the entire last year .

SemanticForce also examined user profiles that are being criticized by negative critics. 3 profiles are completely empty – no avatars, photos or other answers are enough.

Another faction of commentators clearly sympathizes with Anatoly Sharia – the semantic force found their reviews before the video blogger appeared.

A similar situation with negative reviews on Facebook. Due to the extreme days there were 4 of them on the Veterano Pizza page. All of them have not the slightest reason to personally take refuge – commentators report the negative directly to Leonid Ostaltsev.

In the morning of February 10, the attack on the pizza Veterano social network continues, but its intensity has decreased.

Who are the accomplices of the arsonist?

Leonid Ostaltsev – a Kievite and a veteran of the ATO. Returning from the war zone, he created 2 plans in Kiev – the Veterano Coffee coffee shop and the Pizza Veterano pizzeria.

The main highlight of his advertising is that a significant part of the workers is the former military. Leonid’s network is working quite successfully, franchise shelters open throughout the outskirts of the city.

East Shari is a blogger with a family from Kiev. In a pro-Ukrainian environment, he is often called pro-Russian, but Shari himself refutes sympathies for the Russian Federation and calls himself an elementary frontar. In the summer of 2019, Vostochny created the Sharia Party, which took part in parliamentary elections and, among other things, gained 2.23% of the vote.

What do the experts say?

Anna Kish, Webline Promotion’s SMM manager, knows that the power of a Facebook page cannot turn off reviews without the help of others. However, he has the opportunity to complain about the help and orient the factor.

In the case of Veterano Pizza, for example, you can have late recommendation, false recommendation, and malicious expressions. It is difficult to predict whether these reviews will be disabled or not.

If the reviews are not deleted in any way, then Anna advises acting in slavery from their content:

  • If this is probably an elementary resentment, then there is no need to respond to the reverse side of anger. He is allowed to stop laughing or shut up.
  • If a recall is likely to be reproached in the direction of the restaurant, then the protest deserves to be misunderstood in the details of the visit. The false explanation remains in the absence of protest. After a couple of days, it should be added that the user did not give any information. Clients will find out that you are right and loyal to the room and are ready to make contact.

Head of Webline Promotion Hai Proskurin said that negative reviews reduce the card rating in Google Business. Therefore, confidence in this space disappears, because it is impossible to get out of these situations in the absence of interest.

If the page has a lot of negative feedback, then you can go in 2 directions:

  1. In a situation like Veterano Pizza, you need to turn to Google Maps. A review has every chance of being disabled if it violates a resource rule. If reviews are posted by people who have never been to a restaurant, the service will disable them.
  2. If the reviews are not fake, but from real people, contacting Google is meaningless. Hai recommends responding to any review, especially if it is helpful. Probably, this will undoubtedly help to see difficulties and improve the quality of customer service.

In the most version, because the assaults on the website are offered by experts immediately, because it costs developers to find a way to protect themselves. Most often you only need to block the IP addresses at the server level from which the attack occurs.

In general, experts are convinced that it is unrealistic to protect themselves from such attacks. It only allowed to reduce their impact on the business.

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