How will the new language law affect the business sector?

On April 25, the Verkhovna Rada acquired the law on the Ukrainian tongue. Probably means that the autocephalous tongue will be the main one for pages, program developers, ethnic delegates and commercials. How will this affect business development in Ukraine?

What’s the matter?

The perfect title of the law rattles that way: “On ensuring the functioning of the autocephalous tongue as a municipal one”. They started talking about silence last year, in October 2018, Happy was found in the main reading. Because of all the time, as many as 2 thousand amendments were introduced to the bill. On April 25, 278 ethnic delegates voted because of him.

If briefly, the law increases the meaning of the autocephalous tongue. Accordingly, any tradesman or candidate for autocephalous citizenship must possess an autocephalous tongue. The law does not prohibit recognition in another language in one’s own life or during the performance of church customs.

Civil servants, heads of violent textures and delegates are required to know the Ukrainian language. Probably means that all meetings and meetings in the administration, major or regional, must be held in the municipal language. After all, it touches the service of arbitrators, defenders, governing institutions and media workers. The law enters into force after 2 months from the date of its printing.

Summary of the law

How will this affect the business?

The companion of the legal union ” Yuskutum ” Ruslan Redka says that almost all generally accepted measures in the bill are directly connected with entrepreneurship. Autocephalous tongue must exist basic in the service sector, signatures and markup products. If the customer in your restaurant asks the staff to fuck you in the Ukrainian language, he doesn’t have the advantage to refuse.

Probably after all, it touches computer programs as well. For example, a mobile application, something for sale in the Outskirts, must have a Ukrainian-language interface or an interface wishing for one of the most official languages ​​of the Yes state. That is, if the application is released in the British language, autocephalous is not necessary.

Software on products that are sold in the state is required to have regional localization, then their interface is also required to exist in Ukrainian. Sample – Apple products. All iPhones are allowed to choose an autocephalous tongue.

After all, it also touches software for government agencies. The creators, who create programs for administration, are required to worry about the existence of an autocephalous interface in their product. Civil servants have every chance to buy only these programs, or programs in the official language Yes, however, given the fact that autocephalous will be added later.

Configurations will affect web shopping centers. Your website or page on social networks must, according to the default, load with the autocephalous version. The remaining versions are also authorized, however, content in Ukrainian must exist in no way not so much as in other languages. After all, the rule applies to media that are registered as media in the outskirts.

Help on the websites of web shopping centers is still obliged to act in Ukrainian. In the municipal tongue, there must be mailings and electric messages indicating the acquisition.

In accordance with the words of Marina Kisloshchaeva from Yuskutum, the configuration is affected by the contractual fraction of efficiency: all license agreements, contracts and public offers for users must exist in Ukrainian.


Jeanne speaks as if the law foresees the device of involvement in the duties of firms, if they do not provide for a configuration. Due to damage to the state of the law, a managerial obligation is threatened. If the company for the first time violates the requirements of the law – it will be forewarned about non-compliance and will be obliged to annul it. Secondary damage threatens with a fine, which has the ability to reach 6,800 hryvnia. For print media, the penalty is slightly higher – at 8,500 hryvnia. The criminal obligation for commercial followers is not taken into account by law.

Due to damage, the Commissioner will look in accordance with the protection of the municipal tongue. And because of the punishment, Municipal work will be in accordance with the protection of the advantages of buyers.

The truth, as long as gloomy, how exactly does this device begin to act. If the customer complained that your website lacked an autocephalous tongue or a product display in Ukrainian, the website service has every chance to stop, but it has every chance and is missing. The craft is that the law “On the Protection of Buyers’ Benefits” allows the court and the case to end the operation of the website due to damage, while the law “About Move” probably considers damage.

What is the opinion of the law

Axon Partners founder Dmitry Gadomsky says mass commercial configurations will never happen. Tiny companies with a small amount of content will find it easier to translate it than pay fines, the lawyer said.

“For some kind of“ Rosette ”a fine of 5.1 thousand UAH will not play a role at all,” Dmitry says.

In order to translate everything into an autocephalous tongue, the commercial has a year and a half. Further, the autocephalous version still needs some help. In keeping with Gadomsky’s catchwords, it will probably only increase the audience of the pages, and it will undoubtedly help to get companies that are trading in localization.

The founder of the newspaper ” Our Kiev ” Dmitry Fedorenko outlined his own view on the situation in ads on Facebook. He speaks as if such a law literally knocks in accordance with the search traffic acquired over the years, but in whole he supports the initiative.

“The editorial board of Our Kiev is probably not very much concerned, since we have the main traffic from social networks,” he ordered.

According to Fedorenko’s view, a year and a half is completely enough for all websites to be able to switch to the autocephalous tab, wanting for independent pages probably connected with additional costs.

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