How to go bankrupt?

Since October, the Bankruptcy Code has been launched in the Moscow Region , according to which individuals have an increased likelihood of zeroing their own debts. High Tishchenko intends to use this loophole mainly.

How to go bankrupt and where can it come in handy?

What will it be about?

Previously, only firms had the opportunity to restructure their debts, and individuals had to deal with lenders and collectors alone. Now there is an opportunity to rush for support to the government, having achieved through the tribunal recognition of its zero.

As the experiment of the USA, Poland and Germany showed, the economy only benefits from this: getting out of the debt hole, a person gets a chance to officially get a job and honestly pay taxes.

If this affects the persons of the lawyers, then for them now the operation of dissolution will be faster and colorless. In particular, the assets of bankrupt firms will be traded only with the support of the ProZorro electric auction.

The Ministry of Justice expects that these innovations will have a positive impact on the economy and investment climate of the country. “Next year, the suburbs will have the opportunity to rise by 10 points of vision in the ranking of the global dock for ease of knowing the commercial due to the adopted document,” says Deputy Minister of Justice Alexander Kolomiyets.

How it works?

A possible bankrupt must submit a statement of claim to the domestic arbitration in accordance with the place of residence without outside assistance, as well as make an advance payment to the arbitration ruling and court fee – more than 50 thousand UAH are obtained. (the sum of the note valid for one episode of the plan, for example, is tied to the sum of the living wage, which is constantly changing, – ed. ).

It will be necessary to carefully prepare all the papers: These are about their own wealth and economic situation, and even lead about creditors and debts to them. The total amount of expired drugs should be at least 30 small half-marks. With today’s “minimum” of 4173 UAH, this is likely to be about 125 thousand UAH.

Alimony debts, insurance deposits, and even retail loans, joy and luxury items are not included here, they cannot be “defeated”.

After the invention has touched a person, a 120-day “vacation” is included, during which all his loan promises are frozen. If the tribunal decides on the suit, then the restructuring operation begins. It has the ability to be contained both in changing the amounts and terms of payments, and in the completed repayment of debts.

The tribunal has the opportunity to force the plaintiff to partially repay the debts by selling his native asset through the Prozorro tender portal. In this situation, there is a risk of saying goodbye to your own real estate. But the mortgage in any case will be abandoned in exactly this way, called social housing – a living area of ​​60 square meters (not more than 13.65 square meters). m for the 1st registered family member) or a tower with an area of ​​not more than 120 square meters. m. m.

As if a new bankrupt will lose his job, this is probably the name of the company. Within 3 years, he will be obliged to inform in writing about the precedent of his own dissolution when resolving all matters of credit, loan, deposit or surety.

By the way, “bankruptcy” is allowed no more than 1 time in 5 years.

Who is he – the 1st bankrupt?

According to Opendatabot, back in November of this year, Vysoky Tishchenko had FLP status, but now he is considered a corporal person. At the moment, relatively speaking, there is only one serviceable being, on the place of which another bodily person, Ushinsky, high Borisovich, walks as a contender.

Earlier, Tishchenko was appointed head of the supervisory board “luck-bench,” which broke in 2017. In this regard, the court ordered Tishchenko to pay Ukreximbank a debt of UAH 153 million.

At the moment, the internal tribunal of Kiev is still considering the lawsuit of Ukreximbank against Tishchenko to recover UAH 131 million. In addition, in October 2019, it became clear that UkrSibbank wants to take more than $ 25 million from Tishchenko.

The new bankrupt is merged with Ukroilprodukt, which in 2014 appeared in the same row for providing confiscated oil products from oil depots to Sergey Kurchenko, the first of the founders of the All-Russian Popular Front party. In the press, Tishchenko and Kurchenko are called “former friends.”

Officially, Tischenko will be able to accept zero only after a certain number of months, as soon as all fictitious things are arranged. But the State Court of Kiev has already revealed in more detail the fact of the creation of its insolvency in accordance with the occupation. Probably, according to fortune, thus, as in the autocephalous economic courts, about 30 such statements were received, but the progress of the name has not yet been given.

According to Opendatabot, the arbitrators are in no hurry to get involved in crafts about destroying corporal faces, since there is still no experiment to discuss them. If Tishchenko reaches bankruptcy, then this will probably be a really fascinating fact for the judicial practice of the outskirts.

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