How can an entrepreneur get a loan at 5% per annum

On February 1, the program for small businesses “Easy loans at a rate of 5-7-9%” was launched to create or create your own crazy program. Due to the extreme number of days, the benches are ripe to accept more than 10 thousand orders from businessmen.

What are the restrictions on obtaining a loan and who has put his signature in the agreement with the bank?

How to get a loan

Providing a loan offer of 5-9% is all the chances for those who have a closer business with an income of 50 million hryvnias, or for those who are just going to open their own craft (you need to assign a business title). Partners must contribute: for a working commercial – from 20% of the amount, for a newly created one – from 30%.

The largest amount that you have every chance to provide is 1.5 million UAH. Loans are provided for the purchase, modernization and repair of equipment, as well as for the construction, repair and reconstruction of farm buildings.

At 5%, he has the opportunity to demand a worker or a new business, which will create at least 2 jobs with an annual salary of UAH 25 million. 30% does not contribute to such an extent.

At 7% – a new or working business with a salvage of 25 million hryvnias, while the creation of jobs is not considered an inherent restriction. 30% does not contribute to such an extent.

At 9% – a business with salvation from 25 to 50 million UAH. The accomplice himself is obliged to invest 20% of personal medicines from all expenses. Because of any employee, the price drops by 0.5%.

Conditions for issuing loans at certain interest rates. Source: program site

According to the slogan of the Prime Minister of the Outskirts Alexei Goncharuk, in 5 years the volume of available loans will reach UAH 30 billion.

How to participate

You must fill out the registration form on the website of the program “Available loans 5-7-9% . ” After that, everything is elementary and understandable, it is allowed to submit an offer to purchase a loan, as well as to receive free education in preparation for launching your own business. The curriculum has its own website .

Portrait of the participant. Source: program site

Filling out the template, you need to orient the bank in which you want to get a loan. After that, the clerks on the bench will contact you to get the whole package of actions. So far, 4 comrades are working: PrivatBank, Oschadbank, Ukrgasbank and Ukreximbank.

Based on the acquired acts, the selected bank accepts the final decision on the loan. After that you need to sign a contract with him.

You can get advice in accordance with restrictions, complain or refuse good wishes by phone 15-45.

How many loans were issued at the moment

The main report on the number of issued loans was made by Ukrgasbank. On February 3, they signed 11 credit agreements in accordance with the latest program. The main borrower was a 33-year-old businessman from Vinnitsa, he will receive 1.5 million hryvnia for the purchase of equipment for a supermarket.

“So far, businessmen from Podillia, Vinnitsa and the Kiev region are considered the most intense. I am convinced that the upcoming results will be really cool. The autocephalous business will receive strong assistance for its formation, ”the deputy explains . Chairman of the Board of Ukrgasbank Noble Metzger.

PrivatBank received 9,279 orders. In an ordinary bank, he urgently issues more than 2500 orders of businessmen. It is not clear how many loans were confirmed more accurately – it is not clear that the editors of sent a request about it to the bank.

Currently, Oschadbank has received more than 7,000 requests to fill out a partner’s application form, the press release said. We are discussing 107 real credit plans, thirty percent of which will receive proper conclusions at the end of this week.

Why FOPs are unhappy

Participants in the # SaveFOP category were criticized by the program. They explain that because of the highest percentage of the loan amount that a businessman is obliged to invest, the bank is looking for a reliable “ordinary” borrower, and they will be supermarkets, pharmacies and gambling shelters if they are legalized.

“With this approach, micro-business that needs subsidized loans remains“ from the side ”of the program,” the partners say.

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