How the emergency mode will affect the business

At the meeting, Madame, the Office of the Border Ministers decided to impose an excessive situation on the entire population of the country for a month – until April 24.

What is an emergency?

An excessive environment is likely to be a special short-term legal regime. It is mesmerized as soon as in a state or in one area the usual limitations of vital functions were violated during man-made tragedies, natural mountains or panzootia.

To this day, such a regime worked in the Kiev and regional, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, Zhytomyr, Ternopol, Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk, Donetsk, Cherkasy and Lviv regions.

The emergency is mesmerized to increase coordination of all activities that are used to counter the coronavirus. For example, strengthening the protection of state policy, public awareness, disinfection of objects and land, auto-hygienic anti-epidemic measures.

Excessive atmosphere and excessive state – the same thing?

No, during an excessive location, the government has the ability to manage directly, both state-owned companies and personally. And the advantages and the will of Ukrainians have every chance of being cut back. A curfew has been introduced; there is every chance to narrow the movement of only vehicles, the media, and car monitoring.

In an excessive situation, such measures are absent. Ukrainians are advised not to leave the building, but no one forbids this at the municipal level.

What does emergency call for?

At the time of entry into excessive conditions, the following measures are included:

  • prepare a checkpoint in areas with excessive conditions with a comprehensive car inspection of people and a gap only after a medical examination of people and disinfection of cars;
  • pull to work according to workers and tech. medicines of the Ministry of Health, the National Police, the National Guard, the State Emergency Service, the State Consumer Service;
  • all buildings, paths and roads are thoroughly disinfected ;
  • help vulnerable groups with the involvement of social workers, public and volunteer organizations;
  • identify patients or those in contact with them , turn them off and hospitalize them;
  • notify the population, constantly monitor and control the situation;
  • disinfection of objects and land, special processing of equipment ;
  • patrolling objects that are unsafe in an epidemic, strengthening the protection of public policy;
    attracting the necessary authority and medicines and the provision of medical services and anti-epidemiological bases;
  • quarantine mode, prohibition of global events, restriction of the movement of passenger vehicles, closing of limits ;
  • if necessary, the evacuation of the population is possible;
  • suspension of entrepreneurial activity of business entities located in the state of emergency zone and restriction of access of the population to this zone.

How will this affect the business?

The Alliance of Autocephalous Businessmen reports that the configurations of the first in Kiev and other regions are preserved. But supplemented by some pt.

  1. Companies are now required to provide personal protective equipment . In their work, they observe auto-sanitary and anti-epidemic measures. Otherwise, it will be impossible to renew the service.
  2. Permanent and accidental carriage of passengers by car in the suburban, intercity, intra-regional and inter-regional news is prohibited. Before the ban on car transportation and the transportation of workers, companies did not fall in any way.
  3. It is allowed to service outlets in which veterinary substances, feed, pesticides and agrochemicals, seeds and planting are used . Previously, this permission was available only in shopping centers with food, hygiene products, medicines, pharmacies and gas stations.
  4. It is still allowed to operate hospitals, veterinarians, gas stations, post offices. Feed operations resume their service.
  5. Cafes, restaurants, shopping centers, entertainment shelters, fitness centers, the basics of civilization, training shelters are covered . Global events remain until the ban.

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