How Ukrainian organizer Stealtho attracted $ 24 thousand investment

The Ukrainian Stealtho team crawled out on Kickstarter with a transformer desktop organizer and raised $ 24,000 a day . We will tell you a little situation about the company and its products.

A little background on Stealtho

The manager of the Life Savriga plan worked for many years in different companies, and in each of their big problems there was a mess on the working desks of employees – principle papers were lost, stickers threw dirty spots on monitors.

The second problem was linoleum, torn by low-quality office chairs . To replace it, it was possible to squander a single position and, in fact, delay the service of the cabinet for the time of repair. That way Life decided to start the release of its product line.

Wheels for the office with a guarantee of 5 years – the first project

Last year, the team brought to Kickstarter and raised $ 138 thousand for wheels for office chairs Caster Wheels with a guarantee of 5 years. Stealtho wheels are freed from the usual troubles of ordinary wheels for office chairs. Their outer fraction is made of flexible polyurethane, therefore it does not scratch the flooring, unlike plastic analogues.

Stealtho system allows you to simply move through the cables – they will not become entangled in the wheels. Fraction of the hull is made of flying aluminum, because the developers provide an eternal guarantee. In addition to this, the wheels shine in the darkness.

Organizer with the ability to transform – a project for today

The 2nd product of the company was the organizer- transformer . His trick is that he replaces 12 more commonly used office devices and gadgets. The main unit consists of a stand for pens and pencils, a stand for a telephone and an article board, which can also be used as a wireless charger for a telephone.

The organizer’s share is more likely to include a USB hub , micro- SD card reader , HDMI port and 2 Type- C ports , through which it is allowed to spoof MacBooks that were thrown out after 2016. At Stealtho , it was estimated that a similar set of refueling devices and adapters for Apple equipment would be limited to $ 327.

The other 3 parts are from a stand for stickers and small devices, a stand for slanderers and acts, and a stand for a cup or cactus pot. Parts are allowed to be placed in any order – in servitude from the organization of the workplace.

Present and future value of the organizer

On Kickstarter, the cost of the organizer starts at $ 69, customers will get the product more closely in August 2019. Everything is ready for the plan for mass production: trial standards are written from tightly printed press patterns, the product itself has gone through a number of 10 iterations. The plan team has even more closely signed an agreement with a factory in China, which will begin to create a device.

There are 6 people in the plan team; its main office is located in the Dnieper. In Stealtho intend to continue to publish products for surgeries to replace them accessible and often poorly devices.

After the Kickstarter campaign, the plan team plans to trade the organizer for $ 180 on Amazon and Walmart .

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