What will be the 9-story coworking in the House of Trade Unions?

In Kiev, the nine-story office site of the universal intrigue of Spaces is revealed . An ambitious invention will take place in August, the company’s autocephalous press work said.

Spaces is located in the Maidan Plaza business center , which is located in the same building as the Trade Union Building on the Independence Square. Place with an area of ​​6 102 sq. m. 600 working spaces were dismissed .

In addition to office outbuildings, the network provides residents with meeting rooms, a company of permanent business and lifestyle events ( fun events – approx. Ed. ).

“According to the resident’s resolution, there is a ready-made office infrastructure, web, business-class telephony, office clerk, kitchen and service in accordance with cleaning. Everything is probably publicly accessible through a comfortable application, with the help of which you can simply browse the gallery, find and put off buildings and manage your own profile, ”the press service of the company said.

In addition to office infrastructure, Spaces gives residents membership in the club. “The office workers, who rent buildings, have access to more than 100 Spaces business clubs in accordance with the whole world, as well as to the program of professional events, which help businessmen gain the latest insights ( spin in the professional sphere – approx. Ed. ), Present themselves with opportunities formation, and also be known with other businessmen, ”say the adherents of the company.

In Spaces convinced, if the demand for services in the outlying congruent there. In accordance with their selective survey of office workers around the world, and in that quantity in the outskirts, 84% of respondents attend courses and business lectures during working hours and during free time from work.

For this episode in the office center, construction is still ongoing, the place will open and fill up evenly.

“We are preparing to hand over the first priority, which was designed for August 2019,” they more accurately determined in the press work.

The company does not open anyway, with any companies there is a closer agreement on a lease, but it establishes that teams from the creative and IT industries will probably become.

“Probably there will be artists, IT firms and manufacturing firms, for which the convenience and comforts in the office are important . Most of the IWG centers that were opened over the past 2 years were filled up to 80% according to the invention, ” Spaces said .

Spaces places are located in 39 lattice states (including the Netherlands, USA and Australia) and in 150 locations. The Spaces brand is based in 2006 and is located in front of the management of the English company IWG ( formerly Regus Group , approx. Ed. ).

The head of Spaces in the Outskirts will be Wavy Litvinenko. She is also considered the head of the autocephalous subsidiary of IWG in the Outskirts – Regus . At Regus in Kiev there is still 8 business – centers , such as the Horizon Tower, Kiev Podil , Gulliver, Horizon Park then Business Center, the IQ centre , Silver Breeze, Forum West Side, Podil the Heritage.

In Spaces did not reveal the price of the rental building out, with reference to the fact that she is guided separately and is subject to certain claims of every single businessman. However, in an interview with Yulia Litvinenko that: “The degree of pricing fits this episode with the degrees of Gulliver and IQ, our premium centers.”

In accordance with the words of the adherents of the press work, in the future, the company is considering the invention of business centers not only in Kiev, but also in other towns, as it follows the growing demand for elastic office space.


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