Column of the main events of the week

In which it was used: the abolition of the moratorium on the sale of the territory, a record of the implementation of the Alibaba Group and the adoption of the budget for 2020.

Cancel moratorium on the sale of territory

High happiness was found in the main reading of bill No. 2178-10. This allows you to trade in agricultural territories.

From October 1, 2020 they will be able to receive citizens of the outskirts, persons of lawyers registered in the state, territorial communities and the authorities themselves. Starting January 1, 2024, the ban will also be lifted for foreign companies.

The small initial cost of selling a territory does not have to be lower than standard currency criticism. And the public area of ​​the territory that an individual or legal entity buys should not exceed 15% of the agricultural territory of the region, and another 0.5% of these territories of the outskirts.

According to monitoring by the Deputy Minister of Economics, Trade and Agriculture of the Moscow Region Taras Vysotsky, ordinary $ 2200 will be earned per 1 ha.

Serving food and vegetable meat

On Monday, November 11, a service was launched in Kiev to serve dishes from Raketa restaurants, which works more closely in the Dnieper. However, as long as the stupid number of restaurants in the city center is in the public domain, they intend to include only 70 shelters.

In addition, the service throws a whole network of personal kitchen-dark kitchens. Delivery time will be 60 minutes .. For some time, the submission of documents will be free of charge.

Even this week, the autocephalous bazaar turned out to be a South American startup outside of meat. It is practiced on lean meat. The main elements are peas, rice, moisture, potato starch and rapeseed oil. The reddish color of the cutlet gives the borax juice.

You can try lean meat dishes in shelters ZHZL, Queen, The Burger, Not only Fish, Avalon, Mocco, Normal, Havana, Fabius, Villa Riviera, Peredovik, Bassano, Champion Hall, Star Burger’s machinations and restaurants of Dmitry Borisov. Then the company plans to sell it in supermarkets.

Alibaba Group has set a record for the number of deployments

Alibaba set a sales record: half a billion customers and $ 38 billion salvage. As a result of the 24-hour promotion, the Alibaba Group achieved unprecedented realizations thanks to the 11-year draw of the bachelor’s day.

Touch of a bachelor (or touch of lonely people) is observed in China once a year on November 11. Due to 24 hours, products worth over $ 38.3 billion (268 billion yuan) were sold. Clients are more than 500 million people with only a grid.

The Verkhovna Rada approved the state budget by 2020

According to monitoring, the nominal GDP in 2020 will increase by 3.7%. The average annual exchange rate of the hryvnia to the dollar is 27 UAH / $.

The finances of the state budget are accounted for in the amount of UAH 1.094 trillion (finances of the general fund-974.7 billion UAH, special-119 billion UAH). Costs – 1.18 trillion UAH (according to the general fund-1,052 trillion UAH, special-127.9 billion UAH). The budget deficit was set at 2.09% (UAH 94.3 billion).

The lowest salary from January 1, 2020 will increase by 550 UAH-4723 UAH. The minimum cost of living per person from January 1 will be charged 2027 UAH per month, from July 1-2118 UAH per month, from December 1-2189 UAH per month. At the moment it is 1936 hryvnia.

Grants for 2020 will amount to 47.6 billion UAH with 100% monetization. Probably, 10.5 billion UAH is not in the same amount as this year.

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