The US Securities Commission suffered losses of $ 4.1 million after hacking: details

The New Jersey Circuit Tribunal revealed the craft against a burglar from the Outskirts. Courageous defender Eremenko. He opened the foundation of these Commissions in accordance with the significant securities and exchanges of the USA (SEC), obtained secret information and sold it to brokers. At this extreme made $ 4.1 million.

Documents Stolen

Sin was committed back in 2016, but it became clear about silence only at that moment. The 27-unheated Kievite, together with associates, sent messages to the SEC employees with microbes. As soon as they discovered them, crackers seeped into the base of these commissions – Edgar. So the villains stole thousands of secret acts, including 127 references to earnings.

This information is necessary for brokers – merchants with significant securities. Eremenko sold several of their stolen securities, and they managed to get $ 4.1 million on this. On the contrary, they opened the craft against brokers, since they also did not comply with the law, receiving secret information.

SEC head Jay Clayton commented on the situation. He said, as if in spite of all aspirations, his organization was still not 100% defended. And cybercrime is a big danger to the USA.

It is known that the hacker was from Ukraine

Probably not the first option of hacker assaults on the leadership of the USA from Eremenko. Earlier, South American media scribbled about the category of crackers, who similarly stole press releases from South American firms. Among them are PR Newswire, Business Wire and Marketwired. They also sold them to brokers, who made money for information.

There were 3 Ukrainians in the brigade of villains: Vadim Ermolovich, Ivan Turchinov and Alexander Eremenko. The US administration caught only Yermolovich and nailed to 2.5 years of decision. His deeds helped brokers get $ 30 million.

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