Who and what was watching the video from clients' cameras in the Ring office?

The South American firm Ring was suspected of having employees of its Autocephalous office peeking at videos from rooms placed in the apartments of their customers. That’s what the Intercept thinks.

IT firm Ring, which exercises “reasonable” doorbells, found itself in the epicenter of the debauch. They blame her for not keeping it secret. Typically, employees of the Kiev office, who exercise products in the field of mechanical vision, computer learning and artificial intelligence, because of the joy of viewing and explaining the video from the rooms of buyers. This was stated by the intercept portal.

According to the newspaper’s information, the Ring team, which specializes in research and research in the Outskirts, had a whole access to a cloud of these, in which place the videos of Ring buyers are saved. This way, for example, service workers manually notice people and cars that fall into the flooring of the room’s vision. Probably necessary to study the artificial origin of the mind.

Videos are allowed to be simply uploaded and published, so they are not encrypted in any way. In addition, any video clip is attached through the base of these because of a certain buyer, as if it allows you to literally define the video accessory.

The video files were not encrypted in any way, so it was as if the Ring management “felt that encoding would suit the company least” because of the cost of introducing it and would lose the chance of earning money due to reduced access to files.

The Intercept believes that the Ring staff found employees who used the content in any way not in workers, but in entertainment targets. They sent each other notes from the innate and external rooms, in which place byvalschiny visible kisses, firearms, or options for theft in the extensions of buyers.

After such as Amazon bought Ring for $1 billion, access to files was cut, but employees found a method to circumvent the ban. Wotan from the former Autocephalous employees of Ring told that if the company wants to, it can get access to the system from at least some device.

At the same time, the company has certified that it is thoroughly concerned with the secrecy and protection of information from illegal penetrations. And employees view only video clips, which are published by the society “Neighbors” through a special addition. They say that the customers themselves provide the service on the basis of written unanimity.

We made a decision to find out if the company’s risk is in the variant, if the precedent for the distribution of its own funds is confirmed.

The editorial Board of MC Today asked Ring to explain the situation, but the firm explained that they do not have all the chances to explain the question in the absence of coordination with the South American Cabinet.


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