Oleg Malenkov moved to TA Ventures

Concepter co-founder Oleg Malenkov turned out of the operator management of the company and transferred to the Victoria Tigipko TA Ventures fund as a venture partner. Our editors asked Oleg why he left the created surname of the company. We also recall the situation of successes and the collapse of Concepter.

About Concepter

Concepter was created by Vlad Tislenko and Oleg Malenkov, and their first product arose in 2013. Probably there was a trick for iBlazr mobile telephones , which were implemented in 40 countries by a grid.

The two origins of the device picked up in a single difficulty $ 700 thousand on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

After the success with the tricks, the Concepter team had a lot of difficulties. Antics for the iPhone were actually instantly cloned by the Chinese . Despite the low quality of copies, the demand for unique and at times the most expensive gadgets from Concepter fell very badly.

In 2016, Vlad and Oleg brought out a cover-trick for iPhone on Kickstarter, but they covered their own campaign because of a lack of demand from customers.

Wotan’s Concepter gadget, the smart Soul keychain, also didn’t. First, Concepter covered the campaign on Indiegogo , later they decided to release the mobile application instead of the device, and the mobile application Soul was not available for the episode of the announcement . The company also touted the release of Airphones wireless headphones , but they didn’t go on sale.

After the difficulties with their products, Concepter decided to help other startups with the collection of drugs. In recent years, the company has been actively engaged in the launch of foreign goods on Kickstarter.

Futo mattresses, the Delfast electric bike, the Riot Division clothing brand and Wyrex wireless charging picked up the announced medicines, but the gadget’s campaign, in accordance with the exit due to family plants, Grovio realized the collapse.

Later, the orientation probably changed into the Product Idea Accelerator accelerator with a budget of $ 100 thousand for scientific and technical plans in partnership with the Biosphere. In silence, startups are assisted in product research, bazaar research, placement, test of thought, and only later run back to launch the campaign. Due to this assistance, the Concepter team gains 10% of the selected amount on Kickstarter and a portion of 10% in the startup.

Despite the successful campaigns and the presence of buyers, Oleg says that in 2016-2018 Concepter had specific difficulties. The time spent with the buyer was much higher than planned, as if it affected profitability. An ordinary check existed a little huge, therefore it was possible to miss the number.

“More recently, we realized that the strategy existed fundamentally wrong. At the moment, there is a hocus pocus and the consciousness of how to establish long-term business and find contracts as the minimum number of 6 months, ”says Malenkov.

What Vlad Tislenko says about this

Oleg’s companion Vlad Tislenko categorically refused to explain the situation, referring to the fact that the use of media rejects him from his current tasks, and recommended taking information from his last Facebook ad .

In it, he told the situation “about the 1st disgusting favorite, who determined the target to focus his own company on one main metric in 2018 – to increase earnings.” He does not affect the name of the company, but it goes without saying that the style is about Concepter.

As Vlad scribbles, after the introduction of the latest return metrics (KPI), they hit the money uphill, but the workers initiated to appeal that it was hard to endure such a degree of stress on the surname and it was hard to keep up with the ever-increasing size of tasks.

After another 2 months of such service, almost all professionals lost their performance very much. They could not keep up with their own tasks in the same size as before. By the 11th month, stress no longer allowed people to see nothing around themselves, apart from stress. Motivation roughly fell off, and employees initiated to retire from the company.

“The favorite in this episode realized that it was necessary to somehow change the main thing, but it was closer quite late. By the end of the year, the favorite managed to increase his earnings, remaining true in the absence of all the main employees, with whom he defined this target, ”Vlad Tislenko writes.

In another entry, he hinted that he would become with his company further. In accordance with his catchphrases, at the moment the company is fully focused on product design and in the future is unlikely to deserve the latest products in front of the Concepter brand. Of the successful plans not so long ago, a pencil for the “endless office” nuka.

What will Oleg Malenkov do

At TA Ventures, Oleg will be a venture partner and will learn the perfect cycle – from finding startups to closing scams. Probably there will be startups from the field of numerical medical science, electric commerce and unmanned vehicles, including autocephalous.

Even in Oleg’s service, the management of the fund’s backpack will begin to enter. For the current episode, TA Ventures has invested in 130 plans and made 40 exits (as soon as the venture capital fund sells its own portion in a startup with revenue – approx. Ed.).

“The episode came, as soon as I realized that I could give more value to myself and to startups, staying on the other side of the table,” Oleg explains.

In accordance with Malenkov’s words, he intends to enter the “investor world” with his head, to find acquaintances and learn self-development in the field of analysis of these.

At the same time, Oleg still has a portion in Concepter, and he remains the evangelist of the company.

A bit about TA Ventures

The fund with offices in Kiev, Frankfurt, Boston and New York is managed by Victoria Tigipko, in his satchel more than 100 companies. Among them are Wunder Mobility, Sensely, Azimo and the rest.

Last year, Klara’s portfolio plan reached $ 11.5 million in Round A. Probably the platform for doctors and patients.

In 2018, the company fell into the list of the most-most functional funds for German firms. Because of 2012-2017, TA Ventures covered 107 scams in Germany.


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