Pavel Rudakevich accused Delfast Danila Tonkopiya of plagiarism

On August 15, Delfast electric car operator Danil Tonkopiy received a complaint from the founder of E-Kross, Pavel Rudakevich, demanding that he end the damage to the benefits of mental equipment by industry standards.

Pavel Rudakevich said that a thin copy on the very craft itself did not create anything, and the theory and technological composition of Delfast was invented in his company. Danil Tonkopiy replies – They have long made an electric bicycle, working with Pavel, and all his complaints are absolutely absurd.

What are you talking about?

Earlier, in February 2019, the Ukrainian television channel Direct issued compromising content in which Danila Topkopiy was called a “fake face” who stole the idea of ​​an electric bike from his former partner Pavel Rudakevich.

“In the patent news of the outskirts, there is no certificate for the surname Danil Tonkopiy, and the electric bikes themselves are manufactured not in distant China, but in Ukrainian Ternopol,” says patent attorney Yuriy Trachuk. Delfast then formalized a formal deal in which they said they had never claimed to have open frames for an electric bike, and certification was optional to confirm the uniqueness of their product.

A few days ago, the action continued. E-Cross sent a thin copy of the lawyer’s complaint, to which he gave a video response.

In the video, Danil talks as if he really helped Pavel Rudakevich as a supplier, but because of the growing demand for the product, he switched to the most popular creation in China. He also knows the details of their collaboration, how they signed the contract and why it was broken. We talked with the two sides of the incendiary and found out their point of view.

Joint work of Tonkopiya and Rudakevich

Danil Tonkopiy and Pavel Rudakevich met at the electric marathon on May 22, 2016, which started in Lviv and ended in Monte Carlo. The couple went to the marathon with personal electric bicycles, but of all the participants, only Delfast reached the finish line on electric bicycles – this is evidenced by the diploma bought by Danil Tonkopiy.

Diploma of Danila Tonkopiya

According to Rudakevich, the founder and CEO of E-Kross, in the Lviv marathon Monte Carlo, E-Kross decided to participate in order to attract customers: in that episode, his company produced bicycles more densely, and Danil Tonkopiy in details looked promising customers.

“In 2016, we met with Danil Tonkopiy, who had almost no bicycles for this episode. They reconstructed ordinary bicycles in front of us and took part in a bicycle marathon based on a strange copy of our frame. I made him an offer to work at his request on an electric bike at a good price, and my recipe intrigued him, “Pavel knows.

In this episode, the words Danila and Pavel have no resemblance, since, according to Tonkopiya, then Delfast closely traded courier delivery, and everything probably came from electric bicycles of their personal manufacture.

“From the very beginning, that is, from 2014, we worked and brought these stories to life. They took strange models, reconstructed them and experimented with batteries and frames. On April 12, 2016, a note about our electric bikes appeared on the AIN resource, and the marathon took place on May 22. If you believe Pavel, then we traveled through the immaculate smell after meeting him, “Danil gives the answer. To prove his words, he sent a photograph with several repetitions of bikes. Here are 1 of them .

Bicycle Delfast

1st contract for the creation of electric bicycles

Danil and Pavel signed their own 1st contract in 2016, in the episode when Delfast acquired the franchise. The contract cited in the video is probably a contract for the creation of electric bicycles for the Delfast franchise scheme.

Delfast gave the franchise a list of approved manufacturers, excluding gender, there were two more. For a franchise client, it was easier to buy bikes from manufacturers rather than from Delfast. Rudakevich became such a manufacturer.

“For this, an agreement was created, according to which Pavel created franchise electric bicycles, which he sold at our collective discount. He had no advantage to sell electric bicycles according to our specifications to someone else,” the thin copy knows.

Treaty on the manufacture of bicycle

According to the contract for the Odessa franchise, at the beginning of the year, Pavel Rudakevich was obliged to manufacture 2 lots of bicycles: the first – for 5 bicycles, and the second – closer to 15.

Kickstarter didn’t work

As soon as Daniel decided to go on Kickstarter, he proposed to Pavel to work together. According to Rudakevich, an oral agreement on joint work was that Pavel’s company was obliged to exist with the perfect production of bicycles.

Danil Tonkopiy argues as if he would give a joint work on Kickstarter 50/50, that is, any person would be required to invest in accordance with 50% of the drugs, but the income would be distributed in half.

“There was always a schedule of 54 bicycles that were supposed to be sent to different points of the grid: to the northern and midday USA, Europe. Thin copies, in accordance with their own inexperience, did not take into account the price of lingo, since because of the clusters they can’t be was transported by plane, the delivery most likely existed only on the ship. Such delivery is very expensive: transporting one such one can cost $ 800, “Rudakevich said.

He is convinced that he was deceived: realizing that the supply from the outskirts was ruining him, Danil began to look for the rest of the collector cyclists from outside the country. According to Paul, the parties agreed that e-Kross produces frames, and the bikes themselves would be intended in China. Rudakevich purchased bicycles, which were used to manufacture bicycles in full, and probably spent 12 thousand dollars.

“Then Danil simply categorically refused to produce bicycles in the suburbs and even was not shy that we had reduced the cost. They simply left them to work in China, and that’s all,” Pavel knows.

Danil, for his part, is becoming the focus of attention on the fact that, probably, it was Pavel who categorically refused to work together on Kickstarter. “We recommended that he go together on Kickstarter, share all expenses in half, he thought about it, thought about it and categorically refused. He starred in our clip in technical ownership. The boss, and not against his will, because we put him in our shirt “He knew what he was doing, but after shooting the video he categorically refused to be a partner, and then we began to work more closely on market criteria,” he says.

Then, according to Tonkopiya, Rudkevich repeatedly tried to blow up Delfast’s Kickstarter exit: he pulled away to give a shot, spoke as if he lacked presence, wishing for their next craft their life. The company was able to find other general suppliers so as not to depend on the inconstant mood of Rudakevich.

What do they want at E-Kross?

The news claim filed by Delfast says that the company did not take advantage of the intellectual property of E-Kross, but in detail Pavel Rudakevich.

“It became clear to me that you are making bicycle frames with the introduction of my inherent industrial designs and in the absence of my permission. I believe that your actions do not meet the inherent advantages of intellectual belonging to industrial standards,” the report said.

Paul claims that in the warehouse of his patented frames, which Danil took to China, delfast bicycle frames are being formed today. In confirmation, he cites correspondence with Kevin Tong, an adherent of the company that makes the frames for Delfast bicycles. “In this correspondence, he gives me my own framework,” Paul is convinced.

Rudakevich’s correspondence with Kevin Tong

He is also outraged that Delfast uses video and photo materials made in preparation for Kickstarter for its own marketing purposes, without informing him about this.

The complaint is based on a certificate, as Delfast uses a patented product for marketing purposes. “We made bikes for the franchise, and at the moment, Delfast is positioning itself as a manufacturer and using our bikes for our own marketing purposes, which we have done,” says Rudakevich.

“I do not set myself the goal of punishing someone or taking money from someone. Delfast is not the only one who reproduced our shots, we sent a complaint not only by name. I was ready to state the situation verbally and in no case to raise unnecessary noise. Others did not set fire to the forest giant from Tahini and simply agreed to our criteria, but decided to take a different path, “the Ternopol businessman sums up.

Danil Tonkopiy in his own video says that the shots patented by Rudakevich are far from being an invention, and he is not the first to invent such a device. “In principle, we are not interested in creating a framework, but we prohibit it from other manufacturers, because Rudakevich’s complaint against us is completely inappropriate,” Rudakevich himself explains his thin-copy deal.

Danil still speaks as if he had never hidden anything, as if Delfast had banned personnel from Rudakevich: this is evidenced by a note on the ITC resource, which states that the personnel were brought to Kiev from Ternopol.

Danil in his own video is still the one, as if his bike closer determined a universal record in 2017, having traveled 367 km on a single charge, while the largest assortment of E-Kross bikes is 120 km.

Delfast bikes set a world record

Rudakevich does not harmonize with him in any way. “The great that set the record existed intentionally created before the war and was not considered large-scale mass production. The bike rode in ideal conditions in a circle, at the same speed. Having defined the serial e-Kross bike in these restrictions, it would only go for 30% to a lesser extent, “- says Paul.

In his own video, Thincopy also mentions that their e-Kross bikes burned out the night before the invention of the Odessa train station.

Paul does not support how his great products are burnt, but still does not refute this: “the photograph that cemented Daniel is simply for some reason, although probably because of the large, they do not produce it. I just can’t ratify, as if we were probably too big, but I just can’t speak as if we were probably unfamiliar. ”

Burnt electric bikes

When asked whether e-Kross production stories would break out soon, he answered something like this: “The iPhone was burning, SpaceX was burning, the nuclear power plant was exploding. There are difficulties that need to be resolved, and we are more likely to resolve these difficulties.”

After the announcement that was used, Danil Tonkopiy dumped the editorial photos of MC Today, indicating that the burnt bikes were probably great for the E-Cross.

In the photo below, Number 5 is the slang with the E-Kross logo, which was later replaced in accordance with Delfast’s statement. According to Daniel, it is very likely that the details suggest that probably some of these stories do exist: “it is surprising that the politician has no way to learn his own personal stories.”

E-Kross Electric Bikes

Pavel observes the conclusion of an incendiary agreement between E-Kross and Delfast when deciding a license agreement, as well as the exclusion from circulation of products manufactured at the warehouse of patented frames in the absence of its owner.

Thin copies dilute hands: since 2017, his company has not used a framework for the manufacture of Rudakevich.

“Pasha, if your company does not achieve the same success as ours, then you need to go and improve your own product, and not spend time and money on defenders and useless attacks on s. Arrange a product of the highest quality, defeat Delfast in a truly competitive fight, break our records, and I will shake your hand, “- Danil scribbles.

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