Why the business event with the participation of Eugene Chernyak and Ksenia Sobchak did not take place?

In extreme June June, a business action was required to be performed in Kiev with the roles of Noble Chernyak and the Russian journalist and presidential candidate of the Russian Federation in the 2019 election of Ksenia Sobchak. The instigators sold 4,000 certificates for $ 90,000, but due to hurts at the source, everything was delayed.

A little about the event and its organizers

On June 29-30, in Kiev Sports Castle, a deep action was required to be performed before the title of “Fitness for the Brain” Business Festival. ” The most-inexpensive certificate for the phenomenon deserved 1000 hryvnia.

Announcements and advertising info actions were allowed to be seen in accordance with the town and on the web on favorite business resources . Famous speakers were announced in the former program, such as Dmitry Dubilet, co-founder of Monobank, business instructor, creator of self-realization books Yitzhak Pintosevich and others.

The “cherry” of the program was obliged to start the “battle” ( here – debate, approx. Ed. ) Between Eugene Chernyak and Ksenia Sobchak. Later, a photo of Victoria Tigipko, the founder of the TA Ventures fund, appeared on the ads, which also had to “battle” with Chernyak and Sobchak.

Ksenia Sobchak on the event entered a video invitation to the festival. In the official Instagram account Noble Chernyak there was an announcement of the event, later the post disappeared.

The action was obliged to end with “Abrupt party” with a pond on the roof of the building and a concert of the famous MOZGI category for guests who purchased a VIP certificate for 12 000 UAH.

The instigator of this alone was the Ukrainian Association of NLP. At the moment, nothing is missing from the NLP Association website, apart from the poster for the failed festival. However, from the disclosed sources it is clear that probably the Kharkov organization, which conducts educational events in accordance with “neurolinguistic programming, Erickson hypnosis and the whole home productions of Bert Hellinger ( ambiguous concept of psychology – approx. Ed. ).”

Together with the guests listed above , speakers attending hypnosis are required to attend the business event at the Sports Castle .

What happened?

Because of the hassle at the start of the festival, a poster appeared on the website and on the pages of the event on social networks that it was being postponed. The offensive factor – the unknown news of the mining of the Castle of Sports, some, in accordance with the words of the instigators, came in preparation for the phenomenon.

“You understand that, in conjunction with information about the mining of the Castle of Sports, we are obliged by the former to cancel our action. Probably the conclusion was very difficult for us, but we are aware of the level of responsibility – before that, only because of your safety, ”said the instigators on the website.

It is also noted in the news that the instigators decided not to test in any way whether the danger was real or perhaps “someone’s silly jokes”, and not to dare thousands of people with their lives and well-being.

Photo from the Facebook account of the event “Fitness for the brain”

“Almost no action, practically no speakers, almost no investments of this kind stick out. In our troubled world, safety must exist above only! ” – pronounced in the news.

The instigators also said that they were choosing a new date for the festival and were going to say it in a movement of 1-2 weeks. They say that they actually connected with people who bought certificates, and explained the situation.

“If the new date doesn’t suit you in any way, we’ll refund the funds for the month because of the certificates,” the instigators promised.

They also said that they were acting on the safety of the coming action, and the police were investigating the conflict with the “mining” of the Castle of Sports.

At the bottom of the news, Inna Tikhovetskaya’s contact remained, which is considered the founder of the “Fitness for the brain” plan. We connected with Inna and asked to tell how everything turned out.

How was this commented on by the organization?

In accordance with her catchphrases, due to hurts at the source of the event, the brigade prepared the hall and the scene in the Sports Castle.

“There was a stage built, light was put on, tables were placed for a premium audience, companions traveled with their own shields,” Inna says.

Photo of the organization of the event, taken on June 28

Further, according to her words, “about 5 feasts”, evacuation work, police with dogs, drove into the building and told the instigators that the hall was mined.

“They took everyone out. The test lasted for about 2 hours, nothing was found. However, in safety targets, it was decided to cancel the event on the given dates, navigate the situation and take it out, ”she says.

At the given step, in accordance with her catchphrases, only a team of instigators stayed in the Sports Castle, which was engaged in preliminary actions.

“At the event, 4 speakers from other states were archiving. We immediately informed everyone about the situation. The Wotan speaker flew closer and was located in a hotel, and another Wotan flew in and was located at the customs control at the airport. The other 2 speakers are obliged to rush past formerly on Sunday, ”Inna establishes.

Immediately after becoming the instigators began to notify the guests about the cancellation of the event.

“We realized that we wouldn’t hurry to tell everyone, and those who were sent a letter have every chance of not reading it, so we spent 2 days with the brigade near the Sports Palace. About 80 people are nondescript, and we were able to clarify everything. We managed to save 70% of the audience, people are harmonious in transferring and support us. For those who wish to return funds due to the certificate, we have created a return pattern and at the end of the week we will be able to return, ”Tikhovetskaya says.

She also recalled that the team cleaned the names of all the speakers and co-organizers from the pages of the website, as well as the telephones of the sales department. At the moment, thereafter, there is her own telephone number, and at least some accomplice has the opportunity to ring her and voice her native worldview in accordance with this pretext.

“Consistent with the result of such a step of sociability, it was possible to preserve, including the reliability and consciousness of a larger share of our audience,” she is convinced.

Implications for the organizers

Inna Tikhovetskaya claims that, in addition to reputational damage, the team also suffered financial harm.

“Probably significant costs for us. Since we are a young plan, we are only 3 years old, then style does not go about huge revenues, but huge losses are more allowed to be strengthened. A regular check due to a certificate of action of $ 75. Most packages sold are usually priced. 30% of the audience – probably more than 1000 people. Probably an amount of about $ 90,000 ( saved from the sale of certificates – approx. Ed. ), ”Inna explains.

She claims that the team in this episode of the source to give funds because of the certificates to those guests who categorically refused to postpone the date. Probably, according to her catchwords, about 30% of the audience.

“The cost of funds is much more for us, so if there is still a rental of the Sport Castle, advance payments to speakers, technicians, pay workers, significant amounts are invested in advertising information, advance payment of the platform for partying and other costs,” she says.

The instigators of the business festival do not name the necessary amount of costs for the Sports Palace, however, the editorial spring, known with prices, says that hitting the arena rental worth 300 thousand UAH with a prepayment of 10-20%.

“The price of those. event supply (stage, stalls, marketing) deserves from UAH 500 thousand for UAH 2 million – in bonuses from the features and properties of screens, sound, lighting equipment, ”the coordinator of similar business events knows about the advantages of namelessness.

According to his words, the instigators, as sovereign, have a duty not only to the guests, but also to the sponsors of the event.

“The obligation to the sponsor is usual: if the event did not take place, then they give him the money, but from time to time fines are taken into account in the contract, if the sponsor is especially spent on building the shield, for example,” the editor’s interlocutor knows.

The instigators of the “Fitness for the Brain” festival have no more accurately determined what events are postponed to any date. They also did not more accurately determine whether the program and the speakers would be at this event, with links to the fact that negotiations with all the faces were still in progress.

Will Chernyak participate in the postponed event?

Whether Evgeny Chernyak will take part in the event is not clear. A couple of days after becoming the main editor of the YouTube channel FranchTV, Roman Kirillovich made a repost of the announcement of the official page of the City Beach Club Kiev club, in which a party after the festival “Fitness for the Brain” must exist.

The City Beach Club Kiev post says that the festival instigators initiated the use of the logo and information about the party in their club, without waiting for the final proof of the agreements. The news did not say anything about a particular event in style, but Kirilovich is convinced that after that he talks about the festival “Fitness for the brain.”

The creator of the repost Rimlyanin Kirilovich on his own page presented as if the festival “Fitness for the brain” was “fake”. In the comments there was news from the name of the official page Noble Chernyak with proof of this conjecture.

By the way, yesterday on the Noble Noble Chernyak channel, the release of the Big Money program with the role of Ksenia Sobchak turned out . However, it probably has the opportunity to exist by coincidence, traditionally video interviews fit in due to a number of weeks (or even months) of the announcement.

It became clear to the editorial staff that Dmitry Dubilet categorically refused the role in advance. “At first, we agreed on a role. However, later I noticed that I couldn’t take the role in any way, and asked me to clean it out from all that were used, ”he defined more precisely. To the question, how soon he warned the instigators of his own refusal, Dmitry gave the answer that way: “I don’t forget it.”

We asked Inna Tikhovetskaya to comment on the words Noble Chernyak in the comments before the post. A literal protest is this: “Information in accordance with the pretext of agreements with speakers has the ability to go reputation dangers. If our speakers and partners want to make a general statement, we are always ready! ”


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