Why does Ukraine rank second in the Brands of Countries ranking?

Ukraine has occupied the penultimate space in the large ranking of “Brands of States” by the FutureBrand Country Index due to 2019. This rating is compiled every few years by a similar British international company, which is learning the formation of company brands in accordance with the whole world.

FutureBrand experts regard the powers according to such characteristics as the property of life, the news of the inhabitants of the state on issues of ecology, tolerance, the potential for the development of commercial and tourism, the property of goods and services created by regional firms.

FutureBrand Country Index

Like 5 years ago, our state found itself in this rating in 74 space. Behind us is only Iraq. Outscored the Outskirts – Pakistan, Iran, Bangladesh.

“Is it probably bad? Or, probably, a good result is to dissuade yourself among the 75 “best lattice states” due to the time when, since 2014, the Outskirts extended the revolution, the battle, and the repeated replacement of the administration, and got only a fresh chance for configuration? ”, The deal explains Outskirts in the ranking Yuri Rovny, co-founder of the creative agency Grape.

Rating Methodology

The creators of the study took, due to the criticism base, 75 states in accordance with the degree of GDP from the rating of the Big Bench, in which the outskirts are located on 60 space. Unlike other global ratings, in which powers are traditionally distributed according to purely financial characteristics (GDP, population, characteristics of the fruitfulness of commercial knowledge), the creators of this study regard the name of the states in the world.

“In the ranking, they will study how they are changing the state from the space on the diagram to the space where the respondents in the final result want to invest, exist, visit and take products and services,” explains Yuri Rovny.

TOP-20 countries in the FutureBrand Country Index

Japan became the state with the best glory in the FutureBrand ranking. Its success is combined with civilized property, which entices travelers with the property of products exported by the inhabitants of the land of the rising sun, the highest criticism of people of their own significance of life and their interest in oycology. Brands that are more likely to relate to Japan in the world: Toyota, Sony, Nissan, Toshiba, Honda, Mitsubishi, Canon.

Geographic neighbors of the Outskirts entered the top 50 ranking. The Russian Federation occupied 27 space, Slovakia – 35th, Hungary – 38th, Poland – 44th.

The study was conducted in social networks, media and with the support of even sample surveys. Sample polls demonstrate no sense what the respondents themselves give to the dilemmas of the ecology of power, how they assess their own degree of life and how they regard the quality of goods and services that state-owned firms create.

“An innate criticism of the quality of life has the ability to work as a litmus test for the power of a power brand in one piece. We saw that as soon as the townspeople upliftedly regard their own degree of life, the perception of their power in the world is traditionally more than in the version with the states where the inhabitants are not at all satisfied with their own prosperity, ”said the survey.

Countries with the lowest standard of living

The degree of life with the support of even sample surveys is regarded in accordance with such characteristics as the property of the health care system and upbringing, the safety and security, the desire to exist and to unwind in a given state. Ukrainians, according to the study, are satisfied with their own degree of life by 12% out of 100%.

Why is this rating important? “In silence, practically all the fundamental aspects are assigned, which it is important to take into account for the configuration of mass perception with the target of encouraging tourism, investments and the selection by consumers of products and services of the state,” says Yuri Rovny.

“Because of the line, they only understand that in the Outskirts there is a battle, corruption and everything is completely bad. However, by no means the least, we have a lot of good prophetic ones, ”says Kira Rudik, a delegate from the Voice party and the former head of Ring Ukraine. – I will tell (to foreign players – approx. Ed.) That Ukraine is moving at full speed towards Yes. It is as if our IT sphere is considered the 2nd according to the size of export by industry to the state. We are talking about the success situations of autocephalous IT companies because of the last few years. ”

“The brand of Ukraine may be agribusiness, not in the form of agriculture, but as a developed industry that constantly attracts new technologies and produces innovations itself. We also have a strong technological component. The brand of Ukraine is also the aerospace industry, an area in which not many countries of the world work, ”says Anton Martynov, founder of Our Format Publishing House.


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