Details of the closure of the urban food market

In early January, restaurant owner Alex Cooper wrote on his Facebook page that highlights the “municipal food market” in Odessa-mom. The deadline is January 19th. The truth is that after a certain number of months the platform will open again, but in a new format. At the same time, Cooper intends to acquire a significant building of the Odessa plant, a monument of architecture.

As if it meant Cooper had to change shelter, which was good, and as if he intended to work in an old factory?

For what reasons do they close?

Urban food market

Alex Cooper opened the Odessa “municipal food market” in 2017. On the 2nd floor there are 13 different shelters, each with one rations, and 6 beer bars. At the same time, market prices here are lower than in restaurants.

A huge part of the platform is occupied by tables, because of which the paint sits. They are the same for all specks, because huge firms often gather there. Parties and performances are also often held here, artists often go.

According to the restaurateur, over 2.5 million people have visited the site over the past 3 years.

Alex Cooper

On January 2, Alex Cooper wrote on his Facebook page that the bazaar had only 3 weeks to work. January 19, the municipal food market will be closed.

In this case, after a certain number of months, a similar platform will be opened again, but in a revived format and with a new design.

At the same time, Cooper added that it is not enough to reorganize the “municipal food market” of All-Russian economic importance (that is, there is probably a profitable business there). However, the owner of the restaurant likes to work with the latest plans, and apart from this – because of 3 years of service, his stereotypes have increased.

Cooper does not know exactly what the fresh plan will be, but, according to him, 90% of the shelters will be repaired, a fresh design and a different atmosphere will be built.

The reborn bazaar will be developed by the famous dry route and its agency Bureau by the dry route. This is probably not Bulbek’s first collaboration with Cooper – the agency has made a project for the “municipal food market,” which is currently working.

Who is buying the factory?

On January 5, on his Facebook page , the restaurant owner made an offer to “chip in” and buy the construction of the Kryan plant, which was sold for $ 195 thousand at OLX. It is located in Odessa-Mama and is considered a monument of architecture.

Workshops that want to buy

Cooper wrote that he was ready to give 10% of the amount, and made an offer to chip in the spine. Closer after 3 hours, the appropriate amount was selected. True, so far only in the comments on the post are negotiations on implementation implemented.

The plant appeared in Odessa – mother in the 2nd half of the XIX century – Karl the nobleman Ungern-Sternberg opened a correctional initiative here. In the early years only short-term buildings were built here, but in 1883 the Odessa designer, nee Arkady Todorov, built huge and small steam locomotive workshops from red flint. Later, the virtuoso railway turned into a crane-building plant of this name. January riots.

In 2011, the oldest workshops caught fire. The roof collapsed due to the fire; only rescuers who took a number of oxygen cylinders from the burning shops defended the building from the final defeat.

On the website of the Atlanta real estate agency, which studies the implementation of the structure, it is noted that the pre-project documentation is more carefully thought out for the reconstruction. According to him, the store must begin with a four-story administrative building with a basement and an attic.

How it will become an old store, if it is really bought, is unclear. Cooper himself after this does not intend to work in any way – he wants to carry out the construction of a man who will arrange a dashing place out of him.

Who is Alex Cooper?

In Odessa, mom, Alex Cooper has a certain number of restaurants: Yunost, Cooper Burger, Givi me, a calm beer bar, attentive salmon, Pyshechnaya and 4 personal platforms of the municipal food market.

In 2019, Cooper opened Youth and the Kiev Food Market in Kiev in 2019. Extreme resembles the Odessa food market, but works in a slightly different format.

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