To summarize the week

Meet the selection of the main events of the week. Among them, our remarkable selection of films about panzoots, a marathon of thoughts and the refusal of doctors to go to the patient with fever.

Week pick

  1. Save older people with food and medicine closer at the moment! Here’s how to do it without leaving the building. Editorial Board of MK . with oday has compiled a list of the autocephalous funds to help such people. We will continue to publish a sample of organizations that help us deal with patootie. If you understand this, please register us at the post office: So far, the sample includes “life”, “antiquity”, “Bitch life”, “Help the homeless ” and “Terem of compassion”.
  2. How Ukrainians help fight coronavirus. Part 1: SoftServe, the “new post office” and everything else. Autocephalous merged his business and helps the region to cope with pathos. The company has compromised the millions of hryvnia that traders acquire at the height of mechanical ventilation. Once a week we will publish a chronicle of a socially serious commercial. If you help the outskirts in the fight against the microbe, please register us by mail:
  3. I’m nervous not to watch: 10 films and television series about microbes and panzootics. The most dashing films were selected for those who want to tickle their nerves. After that, the “monastery is evil,” “infecting,” and “28 days later.” Choose a movie on the weekend, if you want something so on ” acute”.

Addition of the week. Gratuitous doctor consultations and the use of pharmaceuticals for Terem: how the doctor works. About the online supplement works

On the outskirts of the city, the court made a case about the free addition of a doctor. Online, in what place doctors will recommend patients in the Internet format . This order will be made during quarantine on the outskirts of the city.

Also a doctor. Online will allow you to get an online consultation, prescribe medications with the filing and preparation of reviews, and even set up a pill administration calendar. You can download it on the AppStore and Google Play . You can get medical advice through video calls, audio calls and live chat.

Based on the results of treatment, the doctor will additionally prescribe a course of treatment, a list of substances and the necessary tests in the user’s profile. Free consultations are understood in unlimited quantities.

Marathon of the week. Candle with a smell of reserved seat and soap for Mcdonald’S: 7 unusual thoughts for a commercial from Ukrainians in quarantine

15 ms on Facebook launched a marathon of creative thoughts to overcome the “decadent mood”. Denis Chernyavsky threw it.

The essence of the marathon is to come up with and visualize creative ideas for an autocephalous commercial. The marathon will slip in front of the hashtag # ideation_marathon.

The favorite of the melodic category “Krihitka” more precisely came up with an add-on for supermarkets, in which you can navigate by degrees, the number of people in the family and the time you own for production, the largest budget, your own differences and the number of days. After that, you can get a list of recommended purchases and diets compiled by a cook and a nutritionist. And the creator of the marathon came up with candles with the smell of a reserved seat for Ukrzaliznytsia.

Unpleasant event of the week. Doctors categorically refused to go to the patient with a cough. We study whether coronavirus insurance helps

On March 16, an announcement appeared on Facebook that a person with a fever and cough categorically refused to go to doctors from a personal clinic and from an ambulance. Insurance companies say that paid clinics, in accordance with the important protocols of the Ministry of Health of 03/18/2020, do not have the advantage of studying the transportation of unhealthy people with COVID-19 or unhealthy people with a positive epidemiological history to the clinic. Municipal clinics are required to study this .

Gorka Felmetsger, senior lawyer at the law firm, confirms that personal medical grounds do not provide services in accordance with transportation, transportation to polyclinics, diagnostics and treatment of patients with distrust on KOVID-19. And they are abandoning the benefits of not providing expert research services.

In this case, the operational support service cannot leave if, according to preliminary sampling data, the patient’s situation is not at all dangerous. And he must rush to the family doctor, as the clinics are guided by protocols in which priority is given to the difficulties of patients.

Reaching the week. Forbes offered a 30 to 30 rating, it included startup founders Allset and BetterMe

Five Ukrainians were included in the Forbes annual European rating of “30 by 30”: founders of startups Allset and BetterMe, chorus girl Alena Alena and tennis player Elina Svitolina. Forbes 30 Under 30 is probably the list of businessmen and other functionaries from Europe, Asia, the USA and Africa, which publishes a magazine once a year. Favorites and innovators under 30 years old join him.

Ukrainians Anna Polishchuk and Stas Matvienko are considered co-founders of the Allset apron, which allows guests to work out the preparatory order and prepayment at the restaurant in order to save time.

Victoria Repisa is a co-founder and lead director of the Kiev BetterMe plan. This is probably an ecosystem that combines 10 supplements for sports, meditation and yoga. They have more than 50 million devices and 400 thousand commercial friends.

Bill of the week: quarantine was taken by forceful life circumstances, and FOPs have every chance of not paying ERUs in any way

16 lady high happy outskirts found a plan of law. From 17 ms, shopping centers, restaurants and other civilized entertainment facilities were closed, the metro was limited, the number of people in land transport was limited, the responsibility of the leadership due to the deliberate rejection of space isolation was determined.

Even the introduction of quarantine is now determined to force a life-saving incident . This probably means that agreements and legal obligations have every chance to exist and are not implemented in accordance with objective factors.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry used a simple function: statements to purchase a special certificate that supports power-hungry incidents. Now you need to hand over a small package of acts:

  • copy of the contract;
  • copy of the decree (resolution);
  • copy of the news (notice to the other party).

Documents are allowed to be sent in electric form to the official electrical addresses of the respective CCIs .

Even more, I am glad that I found in bill No. 3220 on assistance to entrepreneurs during the quarantine period. According to him, from March 1 to April 30, FOPs do not pay ERUs at all . They also set aside fines and penalties in connection with untimely or insufficient payment of ERUs, untimely reporting in accordance with ERUs, deferment of payment of taxes on real estate and territory.

The business gets rid of basic fines and penalties in connection with damage to tax legislation, in connection with the recovery of losses in accordance with payment of VAT, excise taxes and rent for the period from 1 ms in accordance with May 31.

On May 18, a moratorium on the actual and practical testing of the commercial is introduced, and on July 1, the one-year period for declaring financial standing and earnings is extended. For another 3 months, the inapplicable recording of the PR for all groups of “simplists” was suspended.

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