QR codes will allow entrepreneurs to work without cash desks

The Parliament registered a bill that cancels the need to take a profitable loan. It will be possible to replace it with a special software supply, which will send data about completed operations to the tax work server.

What’s the matter?

The bill originated on the High-Tech Fringe website. The explanatory note outlines the main views, according to which the new system will operate. For example, how to behave if the Association between the server and the merchant has disappeared. In this case, the system will be able to operate offline and store all the necessary information for 36 hours. Because of this time, the Association must be returned.

In the near future, the program will generate electric receipts, assigning the names of fiscal employees from a special reserve. And as soon as the Association is revived, it will send all the saved data to the tax authorities.

The bill will also allow you to change receipts to a QR code. Instead of a piece of paper with all purchases, the client will be able to scan and save the QR code. The bill strengthens the advantage of all FOPS to sell in the absence of profitable aggregates.

The act still takes into account fines and penalties for violations of the latest generally recognized measures, but it is still not completely clear what exactly they intend to punish. In the case if the customer finds that the merchant tried to fool him or did not comply with the law in his service, the customer can rely on compensation. They will be refunded 100 % of the product price. However, you can only get compensation if the amount of the receipt exceeds 100 UAH.

This isn’t the first time

According to the words of the co-founder of the company, according to the automation of cafes, restaurants and shopping centers Poster, Rodion Eroshek, the government has previously tried to adapt the life of businessmen who operate with profitable units. In October of last year, the decree of the Ministry of money of the Outskirts came into force. In speechless, it was told that instead of the usual profitable units, it is allowed to use an electric receipt and accounting on a computer, tablet or phone.

Switching to the system of electric receipts will save businessmen from 5 to 20 thousand UAH, since it will not be necessary to take a push-button cash register or a fiscal Registrar now. It is enough to determine the E-receipt system on a computer, phone or tablet, register the Internet and send electric fiscal receipts to the tax service. The client, in their own order, will be able to find at least some episode and notice the fiscal profit check in the electric office.

The new law most carefully explains the methodology of the service, explains how to work in non-standard situations, and hypnotizes fines due to violation of generally recognized measures.


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