Fundraising to combat COVID-19: 12 confirmed funds

We write a lot about how traders and ordinary people buy artificial devices for mild patients in clinics for their money, and also look after older people. If this sample inspires you, but you cannot immediately pay the necessary amount for the purchase of a solid fan unit, respect our choice.

Club Director General of Ukraine throws campaign in the direction of collecting drugs

Hidden behind the hood, the founders of the regular and large commercial club CEO Ukraine threw a campaign in accordance with the collection of drugs to combat the coronavirus COVID-19.

All funds go to the CEO Club Foundation charity. They will purchase devices of artificial origin for mild patients, self-acting analytical devices and other resources that will be useful to clinics.

A member of the club, the founder of Ajax Systems, Alexander Konotopsky wrote on his Facebook that due to the allocated funds more than 15 mechanical ventilation devices were purchased. In the next 3 weeks, they will be brought to the outskirts and transferred to autocephalous clinics.

Assistance to the plan is allowed here.

Foundation “Pills” purchases drugs to protect against coronavirus in cancer departments

The “pill” charity foundation for supporting children with cancer often talks about drugs and the safety of drugs in the clinic. At the moment, they are demanding to help the oncology departments get the necessary protection against coronavirus.

On the foundation’s website you can make a “gift” for children or doctors. For example, you can pay a taxi for doctors, masks, gloves, antiseptics or medicines for children.

On the foundation’s Facebook page, they wrote that thanks to this support, they managed to transfer 10 thousand pairs of honey gloves, 305 liters of hand sanitizer, 1 thousand honey gowns and other honey, which was used for the only necessary amount, to the Okhmatdet Children’s Clinic. 4750 hryvnia.

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The Zagoriy Foundation and the Ukrainian philantropic market raise money for 50 ventilators

The purpose of the collection is to buy 50 units of artificial origin, not heavy in the USA, take them to the outskirts and identify them in clinics. They intend to take 3-digit cars: VELA, Bellavista 1000 and AVEA. They cost from $ 26.9 thousand to $ 39.7 thousand.

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Plan of the Autocephalous Charity Exchange (UBB) “Stand up to protect the outskirts from KOVIDA-19”

UBB threw out its own plan to “spearhead against COVIDA-19” to collect medicine for the battle against coronaviuri. The goal is to get everything you need so that clinics and doctors are ready at least for some form of phenomena.

In particular, they want to purchase 4 devices for the study of blood cells and 3 thousand protective suits and masks for doctors. The list of necessary items will be updated in the bonded state of the clinics.

In total, they want to earn 1.9 million UAH. At the moment, it remains to make 1.6 million UAH.

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Your Reliance Charitable Fund Provides Funds for Clinics

The Charity Fund “Your Defense” provides funds for the purchase of the necessary equipment for basic clinics and medicines to protect doctors. They buy expensive ventilators, defibrillators, protective suits, and various supplies that were used, such as masks, filters for ventilators, including catheters, syringes, and wheelchairs.

On a special page on the Foundation’s website there is a list of such as if one could get closer thanks to gifts. After that, a list of all the necessary prophecies appears.

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The Support Center Fund makes funds for the protection of doctors in infectious diseases departments

This charity fund buys suits, respirators, infrared temperature indicators, safety glasses and air conditioning systems for doctors.

In particular, they make up funds for the doctors of the Radomyshl clinic (in particular, after this the first deadly version from KOVIDA-19 appeared) and for the main army heavy hospital . In total, they want to earn 620 thousand hryvnias.

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Regional programs

Odessa businessman courageous Stavnitser headed the headquarters of the crisis management in Odessa region

The courageous, together with other allies, is preparing everything possible for Odessa-Mama and Odessa Region to cope with the spread of KOVID-19. They make up funds for the installation of an artificial lung ventilation apparatus, guarantee medical staff everything they need, help people of retirement age and communicate with relevant ministries.

On his own Facebook, Manley often posts employee reports.

Assistance to the plan is allowed here.

A category of volunteers from Kiev abandoned the coronavirus plan. Kiev at UBB

Volunteers from Kiev came together to help the city cope with the tricks of the coronavirus. In the category there are almost all Kiev bloggers and viewing favorites. Among them is co-founder of G. bar Sabina Musina.

According to the source, they want to help the Kiev city polyclinic No. 4, and later move to other main polyclinics of the main city. In total, they want to make 500 thousand UAH, for the episode of updating notes (30 ms) there are 20.5 thousand UAH. Replenish funds through the autocephalous charity exchange.

Assistance to the plan is allowed here.

Lviv IT Cluster throws out a plan for the distribution of COVID-19 resistance

Prior to this, the Lviv IT cluster only intended to purchase 100,000 express studies for residents of Lviv and the region. Then they intend to attract the city’s IT society to raise funds for doctors.

Cluster Director Stepan Veselovsky wrote on his Facebook that it would be possible to make almost 3 million UAH more closely and write out the first batch of studies of 20 thousand units.

Assistance to the plan is allowed here.

Kharkov IT-companies make up funds for medical equipment for the clinic

Kharkov IT cluster threw out the IT4Life plan. Within its framework, district IT firms allocate separate funds for the purchase of medical equipment and supplies for polyclinics of the city.

The plan’s website has a list of things that could be purchased more carefully to protect doctors and to heal patients.

Assistance to the plan is allowed here.

The Podsubchobim Foundation replenishes funds for the purchase of supplies and equipment for ventilation of non-heavy rooms at the Center for Mother and Child in the Dnieper

The Charity Fund “Podsoblivaem” makes up the funds that were used and supplies related to artificial ventilation of light heavy ones for the heavy center of maternal and child names. Rudnev in the Dnieper.

“The coronavirus in children will slip through traditionally easily, and mortality among them is low. However, it is hardly acceptable to announce premature babies who are not difficult, the weakest places. Therefore, it is absolutely imperative that in the very near future the intensive care unit of newborns does not need equipment and consumables that were used in connection with the artificial ventilation of light non-heavy ones, ”the Foundation says.

Assistance to the plan is allowed here.

There is a good action “Dobrodiy” on the stock exchange – these are funds for suits and masks for doctors from the Dnieper

The Dobrodiy exchange wants to buy protective suits, masks, gloves, disinfectants for doctors and so on for doctors from the Dnieper.

The exchange does not intend to be content with raising funds, it intends to work with other charitable organizations and jointly prepare any proposal from the clinic. Thus, they want to quickly and ideally cover the needs of only the city.

Only the exchange wants to earn 500 thousand hryvnia. Assistance to the plan is allowed here.

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