Disinformation Fines Scandal

The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports of Ukraine proposed a bill on disorientation, according to which huge changes await correspondents and all users of social networks. Probably the lack of namelessness, and fines, including the criminal period.

How do correspondents relate to him and does he mind the Constitution?

What will it be about?

Vladimir Borodyansky. Photo source: website of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports of Ukraine

The Ministry of Culture suggested the relative matrix of the plan of the neighborhood law “On Amending Certain Legislative Documents of the Neighborhood Conditionally Delivering State Informative Preservation and Benefits on Access to True Information.”

The perfect word of the bill is still not enough, but suggested its draft – a relative matrix of 130 pages. In the intentions of the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports Vladimir Borodyansky on February 28 to finalize the bill and in March bring it to the discussion.

The bill takes into account not only fines for disorientation, but also criminal debt. As the Minister of Civilization Vladimir Borodyansky said in an interview for Sensor Media, the correspondent will not sit down through the net, since the limitation of freedom begins only in unusual ways: through the creation of the botoferm paid.

“We believe, and I probably always talked like a criminal debt, the highest fines, probably the last measure, an apparatus that does not have to be systematically used. Prevention task: not to assume the distribution of disorientation in any way. That is, it’s probably a suppression and warning device,” – says Borodyansky.

Yesterday, January 28, there was just a discussion of the law, on which, as the editor-in-chief of Hromadske TV scribbles the messenger Karjakina, there were the main followers of public organizations and media lawyers.

“Someone” didn’t fit in any way “, and someone deliberately boycotts, so he seems to go against the law as thoughts. In fact, based on the bulk of the statements from the reporter’s connections, I summarize a situation that is rare for society, pacifies most industrial correspondents … they simply don’t observe the ability to complete the law, “Karjakina scribbles.

The main enemies the bill is directed against

Disorientation, probably Uncertain information in connection with issues depicting public enthusiasm, in the details of conditionally state preservation of territorial unity, sovereignty, defense capability of the outskirts, the advantages of autocephalous people on self-determination, people’s life and well-being, the situation around the environment.

Uncertain information is probably incorrect ghosts about personalities, precedents and actions, which did not exist at all, or ghosts about which are insufficient or distorted.

At the same time, the bill noted that value judgments, including danger, caricature and parody, dishonorable infa, are not considered disorientation in any way.

The bill supposedly can provide people with aligned and truthful information. How? Thanks to the introduction of disorientated battlefield devices. And also because of the increase in the value of media literacy of the population.

Who will follow up?

A special Debt-Commissioner will appear according to the information. It will be determined by the Cabinet.

The Commissioner will begin to learn information space, respond to statements about damage, test information for the presence of disorientation, communicate with the media, go to the tribunal and law enforcement agencies.

They will be given to the tribunal in those cases as soon as the Commissioner’s wishes of the Commissioner to refute, eliminate or benefit from the protest for completeness of information will not be satisfied.

What is the responsibility

A fresh bill defines managerial and criminal debt through the distribution of disorientation. In the main version, fines in the amount of UAH 23,615 to UAH 9.4 million are taken into account.

The criminal duty threatens through a whole and deliberately common distribution of disorientation. After that, retribution comes from a fine of 5 thousand to 10 thousand non-taxable minimum amount of people’s earnings ( from 85 thousand UAH to 170 thousand UAH for the episode of writing notes – ed. ) And comes to the jail from 5 to 7 years if the damage caused severe results. No concrete one is established in any way, just like how to find the general distribution of disorientation.

What will happen to ordinary people?

A fresh term appears in the bill, “Distributor of global information.” Probably corporal or Attorney’s face, as well as media, somewhat expands global information.

With this global information, it doesn’t matter what information is readily available for a limitless circle of people who are allowed to access from at least any place and at any time according to personal selection. By and large, it means that probably all users of social networks.

They should have their personal identification data in an understandable space so that the “recipients of information” have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with them.

Providers and contractors of hosting services are required to submit this data and give it according to the request of the Commissioner within 24 hours from the date of the request. The impersonal namelessness among the distributors of information will not become.

They can also bring up media literacy bases in secondary schools, higher educational institutions, with an increase in the qualifications of officials, and so on. For this study, USAID-Internews “informed the population of the media and the use of various types of media in 2019,” according to which only 11% of respondents were able to distinguish truthful information from disorientation.

To make it easier to start a media literacy, the so-called “Property Symbol” will appear in the media , which will be taken over after the test. Media will beg for it themselves.

The media will be disassembled according to the aspects that the authorized person will determine according to the information questionnaires. They will be entrusted with “independent organizations having an appropriate area of ​​responsibility and experiment.” It’s probably because of the organization, it’s not installed at all.

Municipalities and Communication of professional correspondents

The reporting government will create, confirm the Code of Professional Ethics for correspondents and will look through its implementation. The “status of professional correspondent” will be shown, which will be given out only to those who comply with the code and enter into communication with professional correspondents.

In the midst of the “goodies”, free legal assistance is guaranteed in criminal crafts related to professional business productivity, as well as the corporal protection of the correspondent and his family members in the form of danger to their life and well-being.

Another correspondent will have the advantage of collecting information in areas of extreme situations, including the regions of natural mountains, tragedies, in the wreck of car accidents, global messes, the openings of striking out anti-terrorist operations and operations of the United States, military operations.

Correspondents resist

The State Association of Correspondents (NSJU) said that the current bill of the Ministry of Culture is an attempt by the administration to determine control over autocephalous media.

In the NSJ, this initiative is considered a severe assault against the will of the word and daring interference in reporter activity. Reporters and other public organizations are calling in no way to participate in bringing an act harmful to the media.

Sergey Tomilenko. Photo source: personal Facebook page

“The bill provides for the introduction of criminal debt for correspondents – large penalties for correctional cases and decisions are perverted. Phenomenon: because of beating up correspondents, they do not scour the same extent as it is supposed to be scourged because of a lack of information! Probably incomparable with damage, beds have every chance do the correspondents, “scribbles the chairman of the NSJU, high Tomilenko.

According to NSJ, on the outskirts there really is a problem with web pages that impersonate the media and claim all the benefits of correspondents. However, this requires a simple and colorless registration operation.

“What auto-cephalic correspondents do not need on the craft itself is probably protection from bodily attacks and anger, an effective consequence of options that impede the effectiveness of the reporter, and the judicial punishment of oppressors.” Unfortunately, this is currently not enough. Over the past 3 years, they have attacked correspondents 250 times, ”says Tomilenko.

As stated in the statement, the correspondent alliance did not go in any way and will not enter the working category of the Ministry of Culture in accordance with the study of today’s bill.

The commission, in accordance with the ethics of the reporter, still asks to exclude from the discussion the bill on disorientation and proceed from the zero point. The role of the Commissioner does not support the role of the Commissioner in accordance with the information issues that are recorded in the bill.

How do lawyers relate to the bill?

Anton Dengub. Photo source: personal Facebook page

The bill objects to several provisions of the Outskirts Constitution – this is probably an advantage for collecting, protecting and expanding information, as well as an agreement under which it is impossible to force anyone to join socio-political parties or public organizations.

“Nevertheless, in accordance with the precedent, we own the recommended Outskirts Professional Correspondents Communication: if you want to use all the promises to protect the performance of the reporter’s business, you must be a member of this link, therefore, if these promises are not to be distributed to elementary correspondents of the same size ”, Explains the lawyer of the creator of the bill on the plan protection plan Anton Dengub.

The bill defines disorientation and uncertain information, but it does not in any way repel protests, in particular, the Commissioner goes to the service – in case of disorientation or uncertain information, which is allowed to be attributed a lot.

“ This bill threatens ordinary people and correspondents, as if some kind of logging appears in the form of the Commissioner in accordance with information that, by his own decision, will be able to identify this or that information as undesirable ,” he says. Dengub.

Reaction to the international population

In Europe, they criticized the bill and believe that it could threaten the will of fashionable words on the outskirts. The leading secretary of the European Association of Correspondents Ricardo Gutierrez said that the leadership of the outskirts is obliged to strictly observe the self-regulation and independence of the reporter.

“The government is obliged to create restrictions for this process, avoiding at least any municipal interference and not choosing correspondents for their advantages. The European Association of Correspondents categorically rejects at least some recipe according to which the government will check the activities of the reporter and somehow narrow down the correspondents, ”the Secretary General explains.

Danger was reported for the Committee of Europe platform in accordance with the protection of journalistic literature and the safety of correspondents, as well as for the OSCE. Thus, an OSCE adept, according to the will of the media, Harlem Desir said that the fight against disorientation is by no means mandatory because of the will of the word and the country’s interference in reporter activities.

“It is necessary to fight through self-regulation, the help of professional stereotypes of journalistic literature and initiatives in accordance with the test of precedents, the independence of the media, the abundance of sources that refute incorrect information, and the formation of media readiness,” said Harlem Desir.

The OSCE Chairperson also announced, in accordance with the will of the media, that he was ready to participate in discussions with the authorities and to conduct legal criticism of the bill so that it would not affect the will of the media in any way and check it for perfect compliance with international standards.


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