How much non-developers earn in the IT field

Almost everyone dreams of going into IT. However, not everyone wants or can code. How much is allowed to get in this area, if you are not a developer?

In December 2019, the DOU portal conducted a study and found out how much the eychars , artists, business professionals and other “Not Creators” from the IT sphere make money.

Who has the salary increased?

According to the study , the payouts of “Not at all coders” grew much more slowly than the earnings of testers and developers. Through six months, more extreme only grown wages in the outlying business professionals – to $ 180 With eychas in the ordinary they are $ 1,680.

Dynamics of the average salary of specialists in Ukraine. Photo:

But in eycharov , system administrators and clerks according to the product after the last six months, wages have not changed. In addition, the first 2 groups, together with copywriters , clerks, according to implementations and technical support, relate to the most low-paid in the field of IT. The usual salary of these specialists in the Outskirts is $ 800.

Product or outsourcing ?

According to the study, outsourcing firms are more suitable for copywriters and business professionals , giving $ 150-250 more than grocery.

It is cheaper for eychars to only act with startups . But artists, marketers, and help workers find $ 100 more in grocery firms.

The average salary of a project manager in different cities of Ukraine. Photo:

In what place are paid more?

Among megacities according to the volume of pay in the bulk of the options Kiev is in the lead. In the city of Moscow, the clerk of the product in the ordinary becomes $ 2,500, Business Analyst – $ 1,800 Industrial writer – $ 1500 Internet Artist – $ 1,200, according implementations clerk – $ 1100 eychar – $ 1,000 advertiser – $ 1150.

The average salary in Kiev . Photo:

But the clerks according to the implementations and the eychars in Kharkov were not so lucky – after that they find on that $ 600 and $ 300 not to such an extent than in Kiev.

The average salary in Kharkov . Photo:

A similar situation is in Lviv. After that, business specialists find $ 1,100, artists – $ 950, clerks according to sales and advertisers – $ 900, eychars – $ 700.

The average salary in Lviv . Photo:

And here is how things are on the Dnieper and Odessa-mom :

Average salaries of specialists in the Dnieper. Photo:

Average salaries of specialists in Odessa. Photo:

Almost all specialists find pay in Kiev more than in other cities of the Neighborhood. In addition to business professionals . The highest salary they find in Kharkov is $ 2000.

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