Ukraine entered the top 10 most unlucky countries in the world

Yes? What are emotions likely to depend on? Why, for example, are Colombians much more blessed than Germans? It is impossible to count bliss in numbers, but you can check how people probably feel emotions and why some rich people are much more invisible than meager.

Kiev International University of Sociology and Communication of independent experimental agencies Gallup International conducted a study and found out how happy people are, including Ukrainians.

How Ukrainians rejoice

The happiness index on the outskirts at the end of 2019 collected 33%. According to sample surveys, last year 51% of Ukrainians felt blissful, 18% thought they were unhappy, and another 30% could not make their choice. Probably trivial progress, as in 2017, the happiness index was only 8%.

However, by no means all suburbs are included in the top ten “unhappy” states.

Investigation of the index of happiness . Photo source: KIIS

The happiness index is calculated as the difference between the percentage of people who consider themselves happy and the percentage of people who think otherwise. The study has been conducted since 1947 in 46 countries. Outskirts perceive the role from time to time.

How happy are the rest of the countries

Colombia’s Happiness Index: 88%. After that, 90% of respondents were satisfied , 7% were unable to make their choice with an objection, and only 2% felt unhappy. Elsewhere Indonesia: 86%. On the 3rd – Ecuador with an indicator of 85%.

Jordan (-38%), Lebanon (-15%), Syria (-7%) were among the three unsuccessful states.

Investigation of the index of happiness . Photo source: KIIS

In 2019, scientists interviewed more than 45 thousand respondents in participating countries. 59% of respondents said they were satisfied with their own lives, 11% considered themselves unhappy. Another 29% do not identify with any of the groups.

Thus, the usual index collected 48%. On the outskirts, it is slightly lower than the so-called universal index of happiness.

What affects the happiness index

Judging by the results of the study, higher financial education does not prepare the most blessed people. In the USA, for example, a highly educated economy in the world. However, the least-happiness index of Americans is only 45%. And Germany with a GDP of almost $ 4 million is located in the 10 most “unfortunate” states.

Outskirts are located on that in terms of the index of happiness, like England.

Investigation of the index of happiness . Photo source: KIIS

Including the presence or absence of military incidents in the state does not affect the perception of happiness. Naturally, with the restriction that military action in no way occurred at the location of the defendant.

At the same time, scientists argue that not only the degree of wealth, but also the degree of requirements (requirements for life) affects the degree of happiness and satisfaction with life.

If the degree of requirements is small, then people have every chance to be satisfied and with a small degree of solvency. If the highest, then they have every chance to exist unhappy, including the richest.

The precedent probably clarifies that in some meager states, the degree of happiness is higher than in the rich.

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