Clever mosaic from Ukraine

LaMetric autocephalous startup , which exercises a smart watch, has demonstrated the fresh LaMetric SKY product. Probably reasonable LED panels for decoration, which act like a screen.

Briefly about LaMetric

The co-founder of the company is Lviv businessman Nazar Bilous. The startup team created a reasonable LaMetric TIME watch, which they picked up $ 370 thousand on Kickstarter. Now their watches are sold more than in 20 countries.

In addition to delay LaMetric TIME have every chance to show the necessary information. For example, notifications from social networks, these are about messlessness and well-being of the user. They are allowed to synchronize with applications like Google Calendar.

In 2016, the product received the elite Red Dot Product Design Award.

About the mosaic

Nazar said that after the success of the main product, customers were begging to create a wall clock. The startup team decided to make a product that existed as a component of the decor and at the same time would fulfill all those functions, like a reasonable watch. As a result, an explanation system came out prompting a picture of several shares.

The idea of ​​such a pattern for his own product was borrowed from stained-glass windows, inspired by the pigmented glasses of knightly Europe. Here’s how it probably looks:

LaMetric SKY

The LaMetric SKY comes with 4 rectangular panels in the absence of frames. They have every chance to show more than 16 million colors, because they are affixed to any exterior, according to the creators of the plan.

The user has the ability to compose the panel data into this pattern, in any one he wishes. The kit includes a catalog in which place the various methods of reinforcement are credited, and an annotation of how to make a suitable pattern. From the monitor it is allowed to make a fish, a cat, a crown or anything, as if adding to the head.

It is allowed to control the light on the panels with the support of applications for iPhone or Android. You will be able to choose your own paint, or in fact choose something from more closely prepared presets. In their colors, there is every chance to show natural actions, for example, clouds, trouble, zakat, rainbow and so on. You can also choose or sketch a head from pixels.

Editing panels is allowed by touch: if you press twice, the device will turn off, if once – the light result changes. LaMetric SKY is also allowed to synchronize with one of the voice assistants: Siri, Alexa from Amazon or Google Assistant.

LaMetric SKY

From 16 parts it is allowed to make an informative panel. It is allowed to display time, bad weather, a calendar or some kind of content on the screen. It is also allowed to receive notifications about subscribers or reactions in their own social networks.

At the moment, LaMetric SKY is intelligible according to the pre-order on the website of the company. For the very first customers, bonuses also work. There are 4 different configurations: the personally small one has 4 screens, the personally great one has 16. They stick out from $ 172 to $ 576 $. However, probably taking into account bonuses of 25-30%.

LaMetric SKY

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