Return of Forbes to Ukraine

On March 30, Forbes announced that she was returning to the outskirts. The editor-in-chief will be Vladimir Fedorin , and the publisher will be UYAVY! (” Uyavi “).

However, due to recent years, probably not the first news about the launch of the magazine. In 2019, his service was practically restored by a Slovak company together with Ekaterina Gorchinskaya .

What happened

30 Madame on the Forbes website became aware that the business newspaper is turning into the Outskirts. The Forbes Outskirts print magazine will be restarted this spring, and an online newspaper will also appear in the second half of 2020 .

The journalist will crawl out 10 times a year in Ukrainian and Russian.

“The newspaper will become socio-political independent and will meet the highest professional, editorial and moral standards set by Forbes, ” the site says.

They will be published in the magazine, which were used about advertising, recommendations and thoughts from successful businessmen and innovators. As before, there will be ratings of the most affluent and authoritative people “from 30 to 30” and the rest. Over 80% of the content will become local.

Who is the chief editor and publisher

Publisher – Autocephalous Publishing Company UYAVY ! , founded by Vladimir Fedorin . The audit package for promotions is owned by Arthur Granz of the Swiss company Mimier Trade , the owner of the largest scam duty-free shopping centers on the outskirts.

Vladimir Fedorin . Photo source: personal Facebook page

The editor-in-chief of the newspaper was Vladimir Fedorin , who headed the Forbes Outskirts magazine in 2010-2013.

“I am very happy to be back at Forbes . We intend to create a cool product for these boiling pores, helping autocephalous readers and users realize the huge potential of our country, ”he says.

Fedorin entered the video message more attentively , in which he said that he “intends to create the best business media” and asked readers to write in the comments about the three autocephalous businessmen whom they revere.

At the moment, a set of announcements has been announced on Facebook – the magazine employees are recruiting reporters and senior reporters .

Journal Recovery Acts

Forbes Outskirts closed in 2017. Then the latest edition came out, and the whole edition left. It was reported about the influence of the last owners, among which was the oligarch Vysoky Kurchenko .

In 2018, a South American firm found a client for the Forbes magazine franchise . The position was recommended by the investment company Dragon Capital , but Thomas Fiala, the company’s general director, categorically refused the prescription, explaining that he was tired of the media business .

In 2019, TheBabel newspaper ( since 2020 it’s been simple “Babel” – approx. Ed. Stated that the former editor-in-chief of Gromadskaya Purity Gorchinskaya will be the editor-in-chief of Kiev Post. The publisher, according to this AIN.UA , was the Slovak company Barecz & Conrad Media . She has more Forbes franchises : in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary.

Threatened Slovaks and rival Gorchinskaya

The cleanliness of Gorchinskaya on his own Facebook page showed that it was as if the newspaper had really been thrown out last year.

Ekaterina Gorchinskaya . Photo source: personal Facebook page

“ Barecz & Conrad has been exploring the autocephalous market for over a year, communicating with advertisers, employees of the good old Forbes , a possible newest brigade. They registered a company on the outskirts, found key employees, found a banking system, and the first were a step away from signing a lease, ” Gorchinskaya writes .

But as a result, the Lithuanians decided not to run into the autocephalous market. Surnames are supposedly threatening.

In July 2019, the hostess Chistota Gorchinskaya acted as a possible publisher and news source in the negotiations on the acquisition of a license. I also registered a new business title.

“From this episode, I picked up a group of players: a star team of 5 people, four Ukrainians and 1 Canadian. All of them were prevented, as if they were minority shareholders (a shareholder whose shareholding does not in any way allow him to directly manage the company – approx. Ed. ), May have been washed away from the choice made, ”says Chistota. , This was probably done to ensure that none of them had no influence on the editorial policy.

However, at the end of the year, Forbes announced that there was a new candidate for permission. “Despite the fact that everyone likes the surname, as if I give the surname, they are now negotiating with him,” says Chistota, making a deal with the company.

Now, in accordance with her catchphrases, it became clear that Forbes had chosen the man whom he probably committed more closely.

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