For mockery of the funeral, the journalist was fired from Cosmopolitan

On December 5, Cosmopolitan magazine was dismissed as deputy chief editor of Eugene Dominant. The reason for the reduction was his announcement on his own page on Facebook and the reaction of social networks to him.

We asked the leaders of autocephalous newspapers to share their own opinions about whether Eugene should be freed for such an act and whether the Cosmopolitan brand really managed to deal with reputational damage.

Almost everyone flatly refused to explain the situation. We publish representations of those who have agreed to announce their own transaction.

What are you talking about?

Eugene wrote a post in which she spoke about the final ceremony in the center of Kiev.

After the announcement, she found out that the funeral of the SBU colonel Denis Volochaev, who died during a combat mission in the Donbass, most likely took place. The nobleman turned off the mail and transmitted the message.

Screenshot of a post by Evgenia Plikhina

However, the flurry of ratings that hit it from Facebook users could no longer be stopped. Later, the cosmopolitan editorial team also apologized for the words of the employee and explained that the brand has nothing to do with her point of view.

Tatyana Bordunova, editor-in-chief of magazine :

Elizaveta Bordunova, Photo: personal Facebook

I am very upset by this whole situation with Eugene. On the one hand, absolute professional carelessness, superficiality of truth and elementaryness are completely unacceptable, they wash one’s eyes, cynicism and drama in the news about the funeral (of anyone), the truth is, as it turned out, such a person. In a single, very, very bad and corny stupid post.

On the other hand, social anger, oppression and the danger of physical violence are incommensurable with the situation. Elementary burning at the stake and cruelty, as if it is also difficult to call moral and moral. People including those initiated to threaten their own “Ecumenical friends” with Eugenia. As if this is happening?

Of course, as a media worker and a person with a multi-million audience, the noble has a duty because she speaks and scribbles in public. First of all, due to the reliability of precedents and the adequacy of criticism of the result. There are certain moral boundaries that must not be violated. As you can see, for the Creator there must have been an unpleasant and sudden “surprise”, but in a dry cigarette butt, including even if he did not orient himself at all, the man was ironic about the funeral of the hero of the outskirts.

The criticism and reaction to this act is obvious, but I think that there should be a foundation of healthy meaning.

Like he touches me. In the work of the media, the point of view and the name of the newspaper are firmly connected with the conviction and fame of the correspondent. If the media do not share the deal and judge by the expressions and actions of the correspondent, then, of course, there should be an immediate reduction. However, in the headlines of the news about Eugene Playna, a link appeared to her duties as deputy chief editor of Cosmopolitan Ukraine magazine. The newspaper suffers reputational damage, and the prefix “former” does not pay for it in any way.

It is hard to say how it was allowed to defend your name in a different way. The main methods of distancing — public forgiveness, recognition, reduction — are exhausted. Only time and things remain that speak of their point of view and importance. I completely empathize with my colleagues, they found themselves in a very difficult and unpleasant situation.

This is a good reason for all of us to take a closer look at what we already seem to be dealing with – social networks, the power of our own brand and our own idea. For the first time, remember how everyone is probably “their own” and how they check the principle of precedents before the announcement.

In general, this whole situation showed us gaping holes in public morality, which we still do not know how to fill. The situation justifies the fact that we fill them in different ways: some with drama and jokes, others with anger and anger. I believe that our state will soon cope with this, and we will add maximum tension to this. And there will no longer be need for comments on this topic.

Evgeny Safonov, editor-in-chief of the Bird in Flight magazine :

Evgeny Safonov, Bird in Flight. Photo:

In my opinion, this was perhaps the best insult in the annals of the autocephalous cosmopolitan editorial board. Everyone found out that she does not tolerate fools in their categories and that she is.

Svetlana Ligacheva, editor-in-chief of Sensor media magazine :

I think the conclusion ( on the resignation of Evgenia Plikhina-ed. ) Was taken in connection with the strengthening of the power of debauchery. And, possibly, due to the fact that almost everyone initiated a line on Facebook, as if Cosmopolitan is missing a Ukrainian-language version of the magazine. In order to distract attention from the scuffle, they gained a very solid size.

Natalya Ligacheva, “Media Detector”. Photo:

I do not think that there was a need for dismissal, but I understand the managers and owners. Unfortunately, the journalist did not demonstrate that she understands the situation in the country and the duty of the correspondent: neither on her Facebook, nor to the newspaper, or to the community. As they say, you live in slanderers, well, live this, it is not necessary to talk about it out loud. There is nothing to be proud of.

Whether the magazine coped with reputational damage, I think it’s too early to condemn. However, the standards of the former are accepted by the wise. And forgiveness, including the reduction of the guilty employee, is always better than burying one’s head in the horn and demanding an absolute typo from him.

Vera Chernysh, managing partner and editor of :

Vera Chernysh, MC Today

There is a lot of dislike in our community.

In particular, such a tendency to stigmatize a loved one takes place as soon as someone stumbles and arranges as if something was wrong. For example, I wrote a frivolous Facebook post. Here, Ukrainians open the forks, make bonfires and activate in public to wallow in feathers and quarter the victim’s spoiled side.

I am 33 years old and have made many mistakes because of my own life. If this is true, then I am mistaken in any insult. Yesterday, for example, I said goodbye after a week of service to an employee whom I hired on a typo.

Previously, I also loved to wear a snow-white cloak and pronounce my native worldview that this, having made a mistake, does not look like that at all. At the moment, because I seek to go into the world of positive and understand the reasons, and not immediately disgrace from shame. Since they completely ruined everything.

As soon as I finished wasting energy blaming others, my chakras opened to create something new, necessary and not bad. Therefore, as soon as I create a situation similar to what happened with the Cosmopolitan editor, I take offense at this, how much energy people start up to dislike and how great they could produce instead.

Whether the act of the former employee of the magazine is noble is not an easy question. Cosmopolitan is an international brand, and the district company has every chance of receiving franchise requests related to such environments.

I can only say that if I really met as a publisher with such a situation, I would apologize officially, ask the creator of the post, and then donate funds to the family of the deceased. It was a really stupid thing, no matter who was buried, it was impossible to write like that, since the post office made the deceased sick. However, there are the most terrible misconduct, everyone is mistaken.

Massa asks the blood editor, but now Wotan Hait about a bad post on social networks, the next day everything is different, and as soon as a person stumbles because of this, the victim does not deserve to be brought to the side of the victim.

I respected comments before publication with the conviction of the editor and a statement of resignation from my work. After this curse, the editor-in-chief and other employees no longer sound as much as they did in the past, but even more. I think that the haters would not be satisfied with the document on the self-immolation of the entire brigade and the destruction of the Cabinet of Ministers – everyone would say that this is not enough.

I think that people who get involved in such a reputation for debauchery should maintain a healthy mind, evaluate the prerequisites and results, disconnect the commentators, who are hostile, from those who are really offended. We must act with the second, and the first – neglected.

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